The Holy Grail.

We are Human Beings not Human Knowings.

It is not about knowing it is about becoming!

Actualize your Brain Power.

Use Your Brain and Mind to Improve Each Other.

Identify with the mind and with it heal the brain.

Emotional intelligence comes from emotional health.

Imagine how wealthy the owner of the Holy Grail will be. The Holy Grail provides a pure life to one & all that cannot be bought with any money.

What a tragedy that instead of tasting a pure life mankind has to suffer from an impure life. Imagine having an immense bank account and not knowing it exists. It needs no longer to be this way. ”

— Sajid Khan; Humility is the power that generates wisdom.

WASHINGTON, DC, NJ, UNITED STATES, July 5, 2018 / — Experts assume the Holy Grail to be a physical object that is lying hidden in some place. The Holy Grail is hidden thinly disguised in the form of knowledge in the Holy Scriptures! Its ownership belongs to each and every human being irrespective of caste and creed. The Holy Grail of the Bible is far richer than all the assets of the world! The Holy Grail is the knowledge that creates true wealth in the form of a wise, that is, an emotionally healthy life.

Imagine how wealthy the owner of the Holy Grail will be. The Holy Grail hidden in the Bible provides a pure life that cannot be bought with all the gold of the world. Just consider having perfect health, relationships, the ability to make top money, happiness, sound sleep, honesty, love for all, ability to make the world better, selflessness, and a drug-free life free of debt. It provides health, happiness, and prosperity across the board at the individual, group and country levels.

The Holy grail is there for one and all to become truly wealthy but alas the majority of mankind suffers from lack of the attributes of the Holy Grail simply because our experts have still not decoded the true message of the Holy Scriptures. As a result, we have sickness, bad relationships, unhappiness, sleeplessness, dishonesty, hatred, selfishness, greed, the ambition to corner everything for one's own self, drug addiction, divorce, poverty, and bankruptcies. The whole world is suffering unnecessarily the consequences of not possessing the Holy Grail.

The knowledge that is the Holy Grail is very crystal clear. Every human being can own it but only if our leaders and experts wake up to the true nature of the Holy Grail and they take appropriate action.

Sajid Khan
4th R Foundation
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Quantifying the mind, so life can be lived by numbers! Life is not a mystery anymore, nor a philosophy – it is now a pure science!

Source: EIN Presswire