Dr. Julio Garcia, MD, introduces Cerebrolysin therapy solution at the Regenerative Medicine Institute of Nevada

Using peptides to assist the natural physiologic infrastructure of a patient gives us new options to help our patients.”

— Dr. Julio Garcia

LAS VEGAS, NV, UNITED STATES, November 1, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Regenerative Medical Institute of Nevada is offering Cerebrolysin along with their regenerative treatment solutions. Cerebrolysin is an in-demand mixture of peptides that can be used to treat stroke, traumatic brain injury and dementia. As a peptide, Cerebrolysin is an amino acid sequence that can signal cells to regulate and rejuvenate functions of the human body linked to neurological conditions. Dr. Julio Garcia has been studying and utilizing Cerebrolysin for its regenerative traits as a peptide solution with the composition suited for protecting the central nervous system.

Cerebrolysin is made up of several neurotrophic factors that are linked together as a compound to direct cells towards the brain. It is composed of biologically active peptides and free amino acids that carry a protective effect for the nervous system. Because Cerebrolysin is able to penetrate the blood-brain barrier, these peptides can reach neurons directly. The neuroprotective properties of this nootropic agent assist the brain in shielding neurons from lactocidosis and prevent free radicals that negatively impact the brain from forming. Cerebrolysin is proven to have neurotrophic behavior similar to nerve growth factors that can cause peripheral and central neuronal stimulation and improve brain activity as it works towards fighting off neurodegenerative conditions. It also enhances efficiency within the brain’s aerobic metabolic processes and improves intracellular peptide synthesis as they work to keep the brain protected from deterioration.

With a wide variety of benefits for neurological conditions, Cerebrolysin grants patients a valuable solution for regenerative therapy. As a member of the International Peptide Society, Dr. Garcia is enthusiastic about the results Cerebrolysin has brought to his patients. “Using peptides to assist the natural physiologic infrastructure of a patient gives us new options to help our patients,” Dr. Garcia states with regards to how peptide therapy has helped to pave the way towards incorporating Cerebrolysin into regenerative treatment. The effects that Cerebrolysin has had to promote neuronal growth and reduce apoptosis has provided positive results to the reaction that the peptide solution has with the central nervous system. Reach out to the Regenerative Medicine Institute of Nevada to learn more about Cerebrolysin, how it functions and how it can help you.

About Julio Garcia, MD

Julio Garcia, MD, founder of the Regenerative Medicine Institute of Nevada (RMIN), is certified in Plastic Surgery by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, an alum from the University of Illinois College of Medicine, a fellow of the American College of Surgeons, and a renowned provider of cosmetic and body surgery for patients in Las Vegas, Nevada, across the United States, and in international locations like Italy, Great Britain, and Israel. He is also board-certified by the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and a member of the American Society of Aesthetic Surgeons and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Dr. Garcia has previously served on the Board of Trustees of the Clark County Medical Society, vice chief of staff at Humana Sunrise Hospital, and Chief of Plastic Surgery at Humana Sunrise and Valley Hospitals. His facility at RMIN provides support for athletic injuries, chronic and acute conditions, arthritis, and other ailments by utilizing regenerative therapy and peptide therapy.

About Regenerative Medicine Institute of Nevada

Regenerative Medicine Institute of Nevada aims to advance cell technology to improve the body’s ability to regenerate and offer options for patients dealing with diseases that may be aided by access to adult stem cell based regenerative treatment as well as amniotic cells. Patients who seek care at the Regenerative Medicine Institute of Nevada are assessed by Dr. Julio Garcia, a board-certified physician who has been performing regenerative therapy treatments since 2013. The Regenerative Medicine Institute of Nevada prides itself in the care they provide and participates in ongoing clinical research in order to contribute to the progression of regenerative medicine. Part of their ongoing research focuses on studying how diseases react to treatment and which methods of administration yield the best results. Their vision to enhance rejuvenating treatments and educate doctors worldwide about the growing field of regenerative medicine continues to be reinforced by both the expansion of new options for patients and providing resources to assist physicians in learning about how cells can be used with internal rejuvenation. They provide care for acute and chronic injuries as well as long-term disabling arthritis to improve function, assist in healing and decrease pain, elbow and hand problems (tennis elbow) treatments, as well as plantar fasciitis, and shoulder problems. Now with their new peptide therapy addition, RMIN is helping patients with immune system problems as well. Besides the utilization of adipose-derived stem cell, more accurately termed Stromal Vascular Fraction (SVF), RMIN uses Cytokine Growth Factor Therapy and Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy as non-surgical options to assist in healing injuries that other treatments have been unable to resolve.

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