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Modular Solutions are filling the gap where there is a shortage of skilled trade crews available

PHOENIX, AZ, UNITED STATES, November 12, 2018 / — Ask any contractor what they are currently struggling with, and the answer will be skilled trades. With the current economy many contractors are struggling to keep a good core team of workers available. Many workers are job hopping for a few cents an hour more and then the training process begins again.

Modular Solutions, Ltd of Phoenix, Arizona has a great solution for this challenge. Factory built structures are built off-site and then transported to site. This method of construction has been available for many years, but did not see the surge in construction growth until this recent labor shortage.

With traditional construction a skilled laborer is often traveling from job site to job site losing valuable family time due to long travel and hours on the road. When a building is constructed "off-site" the crew report to the same location (the factory) each day and the factory is able to keep a more loyal crew of dedicated construction teams.

Another benefit is that if building materials are shipped to a traditional construction site they are subject to theft, vandalism, or incorrect material order. This can slow the crews down and a project can be delayed by weeks, especially if the building material was a long lead order item. With prefabricated factory built construction the entire building package is ordered with the approved plans, and purchasing and receiving are able to control the material handling. This results in minimal time loss (if any) due to material shortages or mishandling.

Prefabricated construction is generally regulated by a state agency, and then approved by that agency via factory inspections or third party company inspections. The international building code (IBC) what agencies use to review design plans for a modular or traditional built structure. Both types of construction must comply with all aspects of the IBC building code. The unique aspect of factory built structures is that most factories have standard "approved" structural packages for the construction of the modular facility saving weeks of design time on a custom design-build project.

Modular Solutions, Ltd General Manager Brandon Hart is a second generation factory manager. According to Mr. Hart "There is no other solution like this where a customer can get a custom project in such a short time frame". The largest benefit to prefabricated construction is the accelerated construction schedule. Mr. Hart said "We service clients from all industries healthcare, multi-family, education, retail, developers, industrial, and more".

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Source: EIN Presswire