Canadian Splash

Canadian Sea Raven

Red Sea Raven in Halifax, NS

Rock Crab

Rock Crab in the Dead Mans Fingers

Ali and Joey

Ali and Joey in Snowy Ontario, Canada

Exploring the underwater world of Canada one province and territory at a time.

NORTH BAY, ONTARIO, CANADA, June 18, 2019 / — From the fishing villages of Newfoundland to the depths of Ontario's Great Lakes, there is something truly magical about seeing Canada through the eyes of a scuba diver. Maybe it's the watery unknown or the allure of danger that come hand in hand with scuba diving.

Nobody pictures Canada as a diving location, yet with the longest coastline in the world and more freshwater lakes than any other country we are more connected to water than most people seem to think.

We are Ali and Joey Postma, a husband and wife scuba diver team from Ontario, and we want to show people that there is more to Canada than just hockey, vast wilderness, and maple syrup. There is an incredible world below the waterline, rich with aquatic life.

The first time someone imagines themselves as a scuba diver, cold water never really crosses their mind. They picture coral reefs and tropical oceans filled with color. To think that some scuba divers layer on the gear, to brave the dark and bone-chilling waters is unimaginable.

Canadian Splash is a carefully crafted 13-part project where we will scuba dive and photograph every province and territory of Canada showcasing the beauty, wonder, and fragility hidden beneath its surface. As we dive into some of these vastly different cold water regions we will be posting images, videos and writing about the animals we meet, things we see, history in the area and any other interesting scuba related topics.

Join us for a dip in the deep freeze.
Join us as we embark on the cold water dive adventure of a lifetime.

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Source: EIN Presswire