The Brainstorms Festival 27th-28th September, 2019 Vienna

Brainstorms Festival Visuals, Sept 27-28 Vienna Austria

Brainstorms Festival Visuals, Sept 27-28 Vienna Austria

Top scientists from all-around the world come to Vienna’s first edition of The Brainstorms Festival to discuss the future of human oriented technologies.

It’s exciting to see the great projects coming out of research labs every year.”

— Sabria Lagoun

VIENNA, AUSTRIA, June 18, 2019 / — We are entering a new era of innovation in which Neuroscience and AI are reshaping traditional industries like healthcare, business, and communication. These are fast-paced times where all industries are joining the race. Developing such technologies require a large number of different expertise and an interdisciplinary view of the field.

However too often, the research and business world are evolving in two parallel universes. “It’s exciting to see the great projects coming out of research labs every year.” says Sabria Lagoun, CEO of the Brainstorms Scientific, a knowledge transfer company which recently launched the two-day science and technology event.

The festival’s focus is to give a platform for the key stakeholders of innovation (scientists, professionals, start-ups, corporates, and investors) to meet, share their knowledge and network. ”We want to leverage this incredible potential.” she adds.

The event consists of several keynote talks and panel discussions addressing how understanding the human brain and behavior can help us do better business, how learning algorithms will transform medical diagnosis and treatment in the next five years, and what technologies are available to enhance our human biology. Renowned speakers will be present, such as NASA scientist Gilles Clement, doing ground-breaking work on the International Space Station, Matt Johnson and Prince Ghuman, neuromarketing professors, and authors of “Allure: the neuroscience of Consumerism”, Sofie Valk, who identified how meditation changes the brain, Lushi Chen, who uses A.I. to diagnose mental health issues from social media users’ posts. A.I. will have a fair share of stage time, with Vince Madai, raising the issue of cognitive biases reproduced in algorithms, Cosima Prahm, using A.I. for prosthetics, as well as many topics of A.I. for drug discovery, biomarkers and digital health. Amongst the several workshops to facilitate collaboration between academics and the business world, a hackathon will take place. This provides a hands-on opportunity to the participants to control different objects and robots with their thoughts.

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