Caroline Eick of The Center for Heart-Mind Coherence to be Featured on Close Up Radio

AUSTIN, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, April 21, 2021 / — Trauma, in childhood through young adulthood, can lead to life-long health and relational problems. But we can learn to work with the distressing emotional energies that keep us reliving the past, and develop the emotional resilience to navigate distress with efficacy, transform past hurts into wisdom, and experience peace and freedom.

At the Center for Heart-Mind Coherence, trauma is understood as a person’s reaction to a distressing event, shaped by genetic and cross-generationally transmitted predispositions, as well as the availability or lack of physical, emotional, and psychological resources, rather than the event itself. Faced with disempowerment and overwhelm, the person adopts coping mechanisms that at the time are the smartest responses available to her. For example, a child repeatedly ignored when crying in the crib, and later ignored by parents when reaching out for connection, may learn, as a coping strategy, to stop asking for help altogether and become completely self-reliant, developing the core belief, or imprint, that she is not worthy of help or attention. At the same time, she continues to crave what she never received—trustworthy support. The originally smart strategy of not expecting any help in order to face the distressing experience of abandonment, eventually becomes maladaptive, particularly when seeking connection and intimacy in relationships. Moreover, it develops an unconscious physical and mental dependency on some distressing emotions: loneliness, fear, anxiety, shame, perhaps even guilt are some examples. That is because our body becomes dependent on the chemical effects produced by repeated distressing emotions (which affect hormones, the immune system, respiratory and circulatory systems, and more). The body then impulsively seeks the chemical effect of those distressing emotions, leading us to repeat, over and over again, the self-defeating behaviors that elicit and are elicited by those emotions.

Caroline Eick is the owner and co-founder of The Center for Heart-Mind Coherence.

Caroline says: “At the Center we help clients transmute the blocked emotional energies fueling the self-defeating imprints that keep us reliving traumas of the past and keep us in repetitive survival modes of flight, fight, freeze or fix. Negative imprints are activated and strengthened by core emotional addictions to security, power-control, sensation and suffering/struggle. Each core emotional addiction is characterized by a particular cluster of stuck emotions that not only color the lenses through which we perceive reality, but establish the baselines for what we identify as emotionally familiar and acceptable, often against our best judgments.”

We help our clients through heart-centered and inter-relational approaches that integrate spiritual wisdom across the ages with the latest research in neuroscience and interpersonal neurobiology. We focus on the practice of aligning body, emotions, thoughts and spirit—integrating past hurts into the sacred present, and freeing a future of joy and creativity. Our efforts are dedicated to participating in the awakening and quickening of intuitive heart intelligence to heal individual and trans-generational trauma. Central to our work is our trust in the person’s inner wisdom to guide the healing process, and in heart-focused breath work to transmute distressing emotions into experiences of relief and peace.”

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