Open toxicogenomic data project improves our knowledge for nanomaterials toxicity

The nanoΦaros workflow provides users structured, harmonised and ready for modelling datasets, with sufficient metadata to increase data FAIRness.

Toxicogenomics is a relatively new method that helps us to gain insight into the possible toxicity mechanisms of engineered nanomaterials (ENMs).

While large amounts of transcriptomics data from ENM exposures have already been accumulated, a unified, easily accessible and reusable collection of transcriptomics data for ENMs was lacking”

— Antreas Afantitis

CYRPUS, June 30, 2021 / — A team of scientists involved in NanoSolveIT, an EU nanoinformatics project funded under Horizon 2020, completed a study that was published in Nature journal Scientific Data (, in order to unleash the full potential of already existing transcriptomics data on ENM exposures. “While large amounts of transcriptomics data from ENM exposures have already been accumulated, a unified, easily accessible and reusable collection of transcriptomics data for ENMs was lacking” says Antreas Afantitis, NanoSolveIT Project Coordinator “The team manually curated, and preprocessed and unified a collection of 101 data sets, covering a range of ENMs, organisms, and exposure setups.”
As Professor Dario Greco, Director of the Finnish Hub for Development and Validation of Integrated Approaches, at Tampere University says “In an attempt to improve the FAIRness of already existing transcriptomics data for ENMs, we curated a collection of homogenized transcriptomics data from human, mouse and rat ENM exposures in vitro and in vivo including extracting the physicochemical characteristics of the ENMs used in each study from the associated publications.”
The traditional methods of toxicology, used for decades now to scrutinize the safety levels of engineered materials, provide us with a useful tool. However the successful marriage of computer technology and bioinformatics has given birth to a new generation of Toxicogenomics (TGx) tools. Their main function is to collect and store data sets which are further explored and used as the basis for development of predictive models.
The application of TGx data to nanosafety can provide novel possibilities for grouping and classifying ENMs based on the similarity of molecular alterations in biological systems they induce, and help to derive biomarkers to identify nano-specific signatures.

Transcriptomics technologies, used to study an organism as the sum of its RNA transcripts (known as the transcriptome), are the frontline of TGx. While large amounts of transcriptomics data for multiple ENMs have already been generated, offering a valuable resource for future studies and applications, the data are scattered across public repositories, and their FAIRness is currently hampered by their heterogeneous nature and a lack of standardization in the preprocessing and analysis.

The NanoPharos database (, where all the datasets generated within the H2020 NanoSolveIT ( and NanoCommons ( projects are available, assists accessibility, interoperability and reusability of curated datasets. Antreas Afantitis, from NovaMechanics Ltd and NanoSolveIT H2020 project coordinator, commented: NanoPharos database has been designed under the FAIR data principles to include computationally derived data based on simulations of ENMs at different levels of complexity. The database was further extended to include ENM characterization data and biological effects to support complete in silico nanosafety evaluation.

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EBRAINS selected for the ESFRI Roadmap of European Research Infrastructures

BRUSSELS, BELGIEN, June 30, 2021 / — EBRAINS, the digital pan-European research infrastructure developed by the EU-funded Flagship Human Brain Project, announces that it has been included in the 2021 Roadmap of the European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI). France has served as the Lead Country for the EBRAINS application.

This marks an important milestone for EBRAINS and a recognition of the sustainable scientific value of the research infrastructure designed by the Human Brain Project teams. EBRAINS’ mission is to be a major enabler to advance brain research covering different areas such as neuroscience, brain health and brain-inspired technology. EBRAINS aims to contribute to significant scientific progress and innovation for the benefit of patients, industry and society as whole.

Science infrastructures included into the ESFRI Roadmap go through a thorough evaluation and selection procedure, taking both scientific excellence and implementation rigor into account.

ESFRI’s mission is to develop the scientific integration of Europe, to strengthen its international outreach, and to provide Europe with the most up-to-date Research Infrastructures, responding to the rapidly evolving Science frontiers, also advancing the knowledge-based technologies and their extended use. One of the core objectives of ESFRI is to ensure that excellent scientists have access to Europe’s best research infrastructures irrespective of borders.

The EBRAINS open research infrastructure provides the scientific community with extensive high-quality data sets, atlases, modelling, computing and simulation tools, as well as access to the European High-Performance Computer network, allowing state-of-the-art brain research. It is the result of the work of dozens of multidisciplinary teams from more than 100 European academic institutions who have worked together and shared cutting-edge expertise during the 10-year long Human Brain Project, which will continue to further develop EBRAINS until 2023.

EBRAINS will be a true pan-European infrastructure, organized around a central hub based in Brussels and national nodes spread across Europe and providing the various RI services and tools. Such a distributed and networked organisation will enable the RI to continue to evolve, with researchers and users sharing know-how and co-developing new services along the way to continuously better serve the needs of the scientific community.

“We are delighted by this recognition of our work and proud to contribute a truly novel platform to the European Research Landscape”, says Prof. Katrin Amunts, the Scientific Research Director of the Human Brain Project. "EBRAINS was created to establish a new paradigm of neuroscience that is highly integrated with technology and computing. This is a core goal of the Human Brain Project. Only the great work of so many colleagues all over Europe made it possible. Together we continue to provide the community with more and more powerful tools to accelerate research.”

For Pawel Swieboda, CEO of EBRAINS and Director General of the Human Brain Project, “the inclusion of EBRAINS into the ESFRI Roadmap 2021 is a major achievement and a true recognition of the value EBRAINS brings to the European scientific community. This is the culmination of many years of very high-level research and development efforts of the Human Brain Project teams and I would like to thank them for their dedication and commitment. EBRAINS is an infrastructure at the service of the broader science community, and we look forward to having more and more researchers make the best use of it. We’re also eager to develop new collaborations and partnerships with innovative brain research initiatives or consortia supported by national and European funding.”

André Syrota, Chair of the Board of Directors of EBRAINS, commented: “We are very happy with this important milestone achieved by EBRAINS and I am personally very glad that France could play a leading role in the application process. Better understanding of the brain is of fundamental importance in many diverse domains ranging from tackling brain disorders to developing artificial intelligence. Having cutting-edge data and tools to help decode the brain in an open research infrastructure like EBRAINS will certainly be instrumental in enabling innovation and scientific progress.”

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Meet Microbe Formulas’ Lead Scientist

Microbe Formulas Lead Scientist, Tim Griswold

Microbe Formulas: Meridian, Idaho

Tim Griswold Is Known for His Bowtie, Dance Moves, and Scientific Innovation

MERIDIAN, ID, UNITED STATES, June 30, 2021 / — Microbe Formulas, Meridian-based health company, is known for its life-changing supplements and innovative laboratory team. That team of health solution masterminds is led by lead scientist, Tim Griswold. Tim’s personal health struggles were what originally led him to the field of naturopathics science.

Tim shares, “During my undergrad years, I started having some internal medical concerns and set about on a journey to try and discover the cause and possible solutions. I determined that in order for me to heal, I would need to get to the root cause. This led me to my master’s work where I got to study atomic particle movement and the quantum nature of the universe.”

The scientist has his Master of Nanoscience from Arizona State University, where he focused on learning the physics of biology and chemistry at the ultra small scale. Prior to that he earned two bachelor’s degrees from University of Idaho in chemical engineering and chemistry.

Tim is also a family man. Married for almost three years, he and his wife, Carolyn, just had their first child, Ezekiel, in late May. Along with Tim’s intelligence, his fun-loving personality is demonstrated in his iconic bowtie and eye-catching dance moves. Tim says, “I like to show people that I am more than just an analytical, science brain, so I do my best to surprise people and have fun! And dancing, well dancing is the soul saying hello… which makes everything more fun.”

In the Microbe lab, Tim is tasked with managing and operating the analytical equipment and analytical reviews of all data collected. He also aids and drives the development of new naturopathic products and technologies. His experience and training has helped in creating solutions to support his own health along with thousands of Microbe customers.

Tim says, “Microbe Formulas is a fantastic company to be a part of. Its goals, mission, company culture, and new frontiers all get me excited to put my pants on and come to work everyday. This role as lead scientist has allowed me to dedicate my expertise in nanoscience to something that matters.”

Tim’s background has been instrumental in helping to advance Microbe’s core proprietary technology, BioActive Carbon.

Tim says, “This role of lead scientist has given me the opportunity to incorporate my knowledge of ultra small particles into the realm of physiology. This fundamental understanding has helped our team develop technologies that store and produce energy within natural carbon based molecules. These molecules can be introduced as an aid in health and healing that supplies energy, but also supplies the raw carbon backbone materials used to build and restore tissue.”

He continues, “The success stories make it all worthwhile, where people go from a low energy, low excitement, unwell state and then their countenances slowly start to change as we assist them in their health journey. My condition has greatly improved by using this unique technology, and I am excited to share it with the world.”

About Microbe Formulas: Microbe Formulas is a wellness company that believes a “healthy microbiome is a healthy you.” This starts with opening drainage pathways, supporting energy at the mitochondrial level, and detoxing unwanted substances. Their core values are front and center in the company mission: “Creating solutions that work is what we do. Restoring hope and health is who we are.”

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Caylie Shelton, Public Relations Manager at Microbe Formulas, at 949-545-1008 or

Caylie Shelton
Microbe Formulas
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Femtech Market Size to Reach Revenues of around USD 75.74 Billion by 2026 – Arizton

The global femtech market size to reach around USD 75.74 billion by 2026, growing at a CAGR of over 13.32% during the forecast period.

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES, June 30, 2021 / — In-depth analysis and data-driven insights on the impact of COVID-19 included in this global femtech market report.

The femtech market is expected to grow at a CAGR of over 13.32% during the period 2020−2026.

Key Highlights Offered in the Report:
1. The global femetch market is likely to have a steady growth rate and is anticipated to witness incremental and absolute growth of around USD 40 billion and approximately 112% respectively, during the forecast period.
2. The device segment accounted for the highest share and the software segment is likely to grow with a CAGR of around 15% during the forecast period.
3. The menstrual health segment accounted for the largest share and the fertility segment is anticipated to witness the highest CAGR of over 14% during the forecast period.
4. The treatment segment accounted for the highest share and the general wellness segment is expected to grow with a CAGR of around 16% during the forecast period.
5. North America dominated with the highest share while APAC is expected to grow with a CAGR of over 15% during the forecast period.

Key Offerings:
• Market Size & Forecast by Revenue | 2020−2026
• Market Dynamics – Leading trends, growth drivers, restraints, and investment opportunities
• Market Segmentation – A detailed analysis by product type, indication, application, end-user, and geography
• Competitive Landscape – 40 vendors are profiled in this report

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Femtech Market – Segmentation

• The demand for smart medical devices with more comfort and reduced side effects is gaining traction in female-focused health products. Femtech investors, fitness wearable manufacturers, and health advocates should focus on creating solutions for the entire spectrum of women.
• Femtech assists women through pre-pregnancy, pregnancy to the post-pregnancy stage. Latest technology solutions can help with newborn baby health monitoring and nursing care. Many startups are creating innovative digital technologies incorporated into the femtech products, thereby driving the market's growth.
• Technological advancements can keep women informed about their health issues and be managed efficiently. Diagnostic and screening services are mostly performed by using medical devices specific for diagnosing female health conditions. Endodiag, a French medical technology company that allows early diagnosis of endometriosis, and iSono Health developed a screening device for breast cancer.

• Segmentation by Product Type
• Device
• Software
• Segmentation by Indication
• Maternal Health
• Fertility
• Menstruation
• Sexual Wellness
• Others
• Segmentation by Application
• Treatment
• Diagnosis
• General Wellness
• Segmentation by End-user
• Hospitals & Surgical Centers
• Diagnostic Centers
• Fertility Clinics
• Direct to Consumer

Femtech Market – Dynamics

In recent years, various technological advancements have paved the way for balancing gender inequalities. This, in turn, has led to the introduction of several female-centric health products that is utilizing technology to support women’s health and overall wellness. As sensor technology continues to advance and materials are becoming increasingly sophisticated, they can be used in a range of wearables that can particularly aid in pregnancy and family planning. Likewise, various tools are being developed as a part of growing collaboration in the femtech industry. Areas that are currently covered in the industry include menstruation, pregnancy, fertility, sex, and reproduction. Femtech is completely dependent on digital technology. Tools available in the industry include wearable medical devices, internet-connected medical devices, and mobile applications.

Key Drivers and Trends fueling Market Growth:
• Growing Interest of Venture Capitalists
• Inclusive Care for Queer Communities through Femtech
• Increasing Demand for Digital Health Solutions
• Large Growth Potential in Femtech Services
Femtech Market – Geography

North America accounted for the largest share in the global femtech market due to increase in female-specific chronic and infectious diseases that potentially raised the need for better diagnosis and treatment solutions developed by leveraging digital technologies. Development contributions by women and growing female health education is influencing the development of technologically innovative solutions. In addition, favorable policies that promote the health and well-being of women is enhancing the development of digital heath solutions in North America. During the forecast period, the US and Canada are the major countries that will contribute to the steady growth of the femtech market in North America.

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Segmentation by Geography
• North America
• US
• Canada
• Europe
• Germany
• UK
• France
• Italy
• Spain
• China
• Japan
• India
• Australia
• South Korea
• Latin America
• Brazil
• Mexico
• Argentina
• Middle East & Africa
• South Africa
• Saudi Arabia
• Turkey

Major Vendors
• Aspivix
• Athena Feminine Technologies
• Ava Science
• Biowink GmbH
• Bloomer Tech
• Bloomlife
• Bonzun IVF
• Calla Lily Personal Care
• Cocorointim SL
• Cirqle Biomedical
• Daye
• Elvie
• Emjoy
• FemCy
• Fizimed
• Flo Health
• Freda
• Glow
• Grace Health
• HeraMED
• Inne
• iSono Health
• Joylux
• Juno Bio
• Kasha
• LactApp
• Minerva Surgical
• Moody Month
• Natural Cycles
• Nurx
• NVision Medical
• Peanut
• Tempdrop
• Thinx
• Totohealth
• Univfy
• Willow

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Furman University Names Anthony Herrera First-Ever Chief Innovation Officer

anthony herrera

Anthony Herrera named Furman University Chief Innovation Officer

Furman logo

Furman University names new executive

Former Toyota executive to drive acclaimed South Carolina university’s innovation agenda

Furman has all the right ingredients to be a national leader in the space of innovation and entrepreneurship and an integral partner to the Upstate’s entrepreneurial and innovation community.”

— Anthony Herrera, Furman University Chief Innovation Officer

GREENVILLE, SC, USA, June 30, 2021 / — Furman University has taken another step to deeply engage its students and the greater Greenville community in innovation and entrepreneurship by naming Anthony Herrera the university’s first chief innovation officer, effective July 1.

In his new role, Herrera will create opportunities for undergraduate students to engage in entrepreneurial and innovative activities, build corporate and professional development certificates and drive the university’s innovation agenda.

He will also continue in his role as executive director of the Furman Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Furman I&E), which has built a strong foundation of relationships with public and private organizations and community leaders in Greenville, the Upstate and across South Carolina.

“Anthony has led the way in creating an innovation and entrepreneurial environment at Furman, both within the university and with state and local organizations,” said Furman University President Elizabeth Davis. “This new title recognizes the work that Anthony has already been doing — expanding and enhancing opportunities for students and helping our university work more innovatively with the community.”

Other universities across the country are creating chief innovation officer positions. The new roles reflect a convergence of factors happening in higher education, Herrera said.

“There is a need to deliver increased value and more opportunities for students, to be a contributor to communities in solving our greatest challenges, and to do this in ways that are financially sustainable,” he said.

For Furman, Herrera said, Greenville is becoming distinguished as an innovation and entrepreneurial hub among mid-size cities, “so the city’s putting intentional effort and resources toward this and the university can come alongside and be catalytic for greater impact. When the university and the city work together for common goals, everyone wins.”

As Greenville thrives, the opportunities for students include increased internship and job placements, and access to expert speakers and mentors from the business and non-profit sectors. Meanwhile, Furman continues to be a source of talent for the local area.

Herrera also will lead an effort to increase the offering of corporate and professional development programs and non-degree certificate programs, such the Women’s Leadership Institute, Design Thinking and Adaptive Leadership.

Furman I&E, which was named an Outstanding Emerging Entrepreneurship Center in 2020 by the Global Consortium of Entrepreneurship Centers, has already established relationships with area innovation organizations. In December 2020, Furman I&E joined the City of Greenville’s economic development team, NEXT and VentureSouth, to co-locate in offices in downtown. It also will launch this fall a program called GVL Starts, an eight-week experience that teaches community members how to launch a successful venture and provides access to coaching, mentoring and start-up grants needed to make it happen. The Greenville Local Development Corporation, the South Carolina Department of Commerce, the City of Greenville and Venture South are all partners in the program.

“This is an exciting opportunity to be a part of a leading liberal arts and sciences university in a city that is being recognized on a national and global level, and at a time that is such a pivotal moment in higher education,” Herrera said. “Furman has all the right ingredients to be a national leader in the space of innovation and entrepreneurship and an integral partner to the city and Upstate’s entrepreneurial and innovation community.”

Before coming to Furman in 2018, Herrera spent more than 18 years in talent management and development roles for global organizations, including as the former leader for Toyota Motor North America’s executive succession and leadership development team. Prior to Toyota, Herrera served as the executive director at SMU Cox School of Business and launched a nationally recognized center of excellence assisting Fortune 1,000 and non-profits recruit, retain and develop diverse leaders. Herrera earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in accounting from the SMU Cox School of Business.

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Quantum Farma Logo

Quantum Farma Logo

Con 31 años de experiencia en la industria farmacéutica, Renuka Soley se une a Quantum Farma mientras la compañía expande sus operaciones en Latinoamérica.

LONDRES, REINO UNIDO, June 30, 2021 / — Quantum Farma, una compañía global de atención médica que atiende a una amplia variedad de pacientes y consumidores mediante la entrega de productos y servicios que contienen cannabinoides de alta calidad en el mercado latinoamericano, nombra a Renuka Soley como Asesora Senior de Estrategia Científica.

Renuka contribuirá al crecimiento y desarrollo de los esfuerzos colectivos de Quantum Farma y Medropharm para entregar cannabinoides de alta calidad a pacientes en América Latina y otras regiones.

"Estoy encantado de dar la bienvenida a Renuka a Quantum Farma en un momento crucial para nuestra empresa", declaró el CEO de Quantum Farma, Karan S. Madan. “Renuka aporta décadas de experiencia operativa y estratégica en la industria biofarmacéutica a nuestro equipo. Quantum Farma y su socio estratégico Medropharm se beneficiarán enormemente de su orientación y conocimiento ”.

Renuka ha trabajado en la industria farmacéutica durante 31 años adquiriendo experiencia en gastroenterología, respiratoria, dermatología, oftalmología, reumatología y neurología con las compañías big pharma Janssen, AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Novartis y Biogen.

"Renuka Soley aportará muy bien su experiencia a nuestro equipo médico y será un valioso apoyo para proyectos de investigación y desarrollo en el campo del cannabis y otras sustancias fitoactivas. Nos complace darle la bienvenida a nuestro equipo suizo", comentó la CEO de Medropharm, la Dra. Claudia Zieres-Nauth.

En su último puesto Renuka trabajó desde enero de 2012 para GW Pharmaceuticals como Líder de enlace científico y de socios. Como la primera encargada de ventas comerciales en GWP, Renuka trabajó en la estrategia de ventas de Sativex, el desarrollo científico de portafolio de productos y la fase de desarrollo inicial de Epidiolex. Renuka fue responsable de los lanzamientos globales con las empresas asociadas de marketing y los mercados de GWP, el trabajo de reembolso, la educación de productos para los departamentos de salud gubernamentales y los profesionales de la salud y la gestión del ciclo de vida.
Renuka es miembro de la Asociación de la Industria Farmacéutica Británica y trabaja dentro de sus directrices.

“Estoy encantada de unirme al equipo de Quantum Farma y Medropharm, y que trabajemos juntos para llevar cannabinoides de alta calidad a personas de todo el mundo ". Dijo Renuka Soley.

Sobre Quantum Farma
Quantum Farma es una empresa de atención médica global que ofrece productos y servicios que contienen cannabinoides de alta calidad a pacientes en América Latina y otras regiones.
Involucrados en todo el espectro de la semilla al paciente, atendemos a una amplia variedad de usuarios ofreciendo productos y servicios de primera calidad donde más se necesitan.
Somos los agentes de distribución del líder mundial en cannabinoides de grado farmacéutico y productos que contienen cannabinoides Medropharm GmbH (“Medropharm”) en países seleccionados de América Latina.

Sobre Medropharm
Medropharm GmbH se especializa en la extracción, producción y comercialización de cannabinoides de calidad farmacéutica y productos que contienen cannabinoides que contribuyen activamente a la preservación de la salud y la calidad de vida.

Todos nuestros esfuerzos están dedicados a investigar la planta medicinal Cannabis sativa y sus componentes útiles y convertirlos en insumos adecuados para la industria alimentaria, cosmética y farmacéutica.

Nikul Sarin
Quantum Farma

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Teeth Whitening Market Size to Reach Revenues of around USD 7.99 Billion by 2026

The global teeth whitening market size is expected to reach USD 7.99 billion by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 6.33% during the forecast period.

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES, June 30, 2021 / — In-depth analysis and data-driven insights on the impact of COVID-19 included in this global teeth whitening market report.

The teeth whitening market is expected to grow at a CAGR of over 6.33% during the period 2020−2026.

Key Highlights Offered in the Report:
1. The global teeth whitening market would realize an absolute growth of over 45% in terms of revenue between 2020 and 2026.
2. Whitening toothpaste have concentrations of hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide that helps to lighten the color of the teeth. Thus, the market for whitening toothpaste is expected to reach an incremental revenue of around USD 2 billion between 2020 and 2026.
3. The at-home teeth whitening segment accounted for the largest share and is expected to witness an absolute growth of around 47% during 2020−2026.
4. As consumers are becoming more aware of synthetic ingredients in oral hygiene products, the demand for non-bleaching products is expected to grow at a CAGR of over 6% during 2020 – 2026.
5. In 2020, North America dominated the global teeth whitening market, accounting for around 32% share in terms of revenue.
6. Whitening treatments are expected to witness a significant surge among consumers over the next few years. Furthermore, with the increasing incidences of teeth discoloration, the overall teeth whitening procedures are expected to be favorably impacted during the forecast period.

Key Offerings:
• Market Size & Forecast by Revenue | 2020−2026
• Market Dynamics – Leading trends, growth drivers, restraints, and investment opportunities
• Market Segmentation – A detailed analysis by product, application, composition, distribution channels, and geography
• Competitive Landscape – 4 key vendors and 26 other vendors

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Teeth Whitening Market – Segmentation

• Whitening strips and gels offer a thin layer of peroxide gel on plastic strips. Various types of whitening strips are available in the market with different instructions. The whitening gels are typically peroxide-based gels that are applied directly to the surface of the teeth.
• The in-office segment comprises the usage of peroxide-containing gels that can be used to enhance and accelerate the bleaching process. A proper understanding of these procedures is expected to attract customers for in-office treatments, thereby increasing the market share of whitening procedures during the forecast period.
• The bleaching agents segment in North America account for a share 33% in the global teeth whitening market in 2020. The rising awareness of oral hygiene and easy availability of teeth whitening products are boosting the growth of the global teeth whitening market in recent years.

Teeth Whitening Market by Whitening Products
• Toothpaste
• Strips
• Gels
• Others
Teeth Whitening Market by Application
• At-home
• In-office
Teeth Whitening Market by Composition
• Bleaching Agents
• Non-Bleaching Agents
Teeth Whitening Market by Distribution
• Offline
• Mass Market Players
• Wholesale Distributors
• Grocery Stores
• Drug Store
• Dental Clinic
• Others
• Online

Teeth Whitening Market – Dynamics

The increasing usage of intelligent data in dental laboratories and dental practices, along with the production of advanced dental products, is expected to gain prominence among consumers and professionals in the market in the coming years. In recent years, dentistry in Western Europe and North America has transformed from professions dealing with tooth decay, infections, and pain to emphasizing the cosmetic and preventive care segment. The transition from pain management to preventive care as well as technological advancements in dentistry solutions is expected to witness substantial growth in the market during the forecast period. The dentistry market is segmented into professional dental equipment, professional consumables, dental laboratories, and consumer oral care segments. A healthy mouth, strong teeth, and adjacent craniofacial structures (face and skull) are crucial for the well-being and personality of an individual.

Key Drivers and Trends fueling Market Growth:
• Growing Incidence of Teeth Discoloration
• Increasing Marketing & Promotional Activities
• Technological Innovations in Teeth Whitening Products
• Growing Esthetic Dentistry Industry

Teeth Whitening Market – Geography

Teeth whitening procedures are witnessing a significant rise in demand among consumers of all ages. Customers are focusing on getting an esthetically pleasing smile. Moreover, they are looking for instant and faster results while keeping in mind affordable prices. Hence, they are likely to opt for over-the-counter teeth whitening products, thereby propelling the demand for teeth whitening products in the market. The teeth whitening market in North America accounts for the largest share globally and the market in the region is expected to witness an absolute growth of around 40% during 2020–2026 with an incremental growth of over USD 711 million. Therefore, the demand for whitening toothpaste and strips is higher in comparison to that in other regions.

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Teeth Whitening Market by Geography
• North America
• US
• Canada
• China
• Japan
• South Korea
• Australia
• Europe
• Germany
• UK
• France
• Spain
• Italy
• Benelux
• Nordic
• Latin America
• Brazil
• Mexico
• Argentina
• Middle East & Africa
• South Africa
• Saudi Arabia
• Turkey

Major Vendors
• Colgate-Palmolive Company
• GlaxoSmithKline
• Johnson & Johnson
• Procter & Gamble

Other Prominent Vendors
• Beaming White
• Brodie & Stone
• Cavex
• CCA Industries
• Church & Dwight
• DaVinci Teeth Whitening
• Dentsply Sirona
• Evonik
• Global Whitening
• GLO Science
• Hello Products
• Henkel
• Ivoclar Vivadent
• Kulzer
• Nanchang Smile Technology
• SmileLABS
• Sunshine Health Products
• Supersmile
• The Himalaya Drug Company
• TheraBreath
• Ultradent Products
• Unilever
• Uragme
• WHITEsmile

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New book explains surprisingly foreseeable stock market bubble.

Well Timed New Book Release

Spinning Penny Media announces the release of David Rasmussen’s debut book, “The Ecstatic Stock Market, A Discerning Look Amid an Amazing Time.”

The stock market captures a snapshot of our economic history, and transmits an ecstatic message with far-reaching impact.”

— David Rasmussen

WINTER GARDEN, FLORIDA, USA, June 29, 2021 / — After more than three decades of studying the market and its reflexive cycles of boom and bust, inflation and deflation, innovation and decay, Mr. Rasmussen has given us a monumental work with profound implications for every human alive in this amazing time.

Much like Stephen Hawking gave us a seminal work about how to view time with his “Brief History or Time,” so too David Rasmussen has provided a road map of how to view the market in a manner that will be eye-opening, understandable and game changing to a generation of readers.

During this uncertain time, we need some fresh perspective on how to best navigate our changing careers, and our investment portfolios. “The Ecstatic Stock Market,” draws from history, science, economics, poetry and provides a new approach towards the field with practical applications. It answers the questions about how the bubble formed, why it’s important, when it will be complete and what happens next.

David Rasmussen
Spinning Penny Media
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ETAP & Schneider Electric Join Forces to spearhead digital transformation for global sustainability

ETAP is fully integrated in the Schneider Electric Exchange and Strategy Alliances

ETAP Integration in Schneider Electric Portfolio

Transaction of Schneider Electric acquiring a controlling stake of ETAP has been completed. ETAP continues to operate as an independent software-agnostic vendor

IRVINE, CA, UNITED STATES, June 29, 2021 / — ETAP®, the global leader in energy management & engineering solutions, announces that it has joined forces with Schneider Electric to deliver end-to-end lifecycle digitalization, enhance efficiency, sustainability, and resiliency to a broader audience and customer base.

• ETAP & Schneider Electric to lead intelligent, sustainable & green electrification through a combined digital offering
• Combination will amplify customers’ digital transformations & accelerate opportunities
• Customers will be able to unlock even greater value to drive smarter decisions and streamline increasingly complex mission-critical power systems
• ETAP will be positioned to further its mission of digital twin driven design & operate solutions and continue to operate as an independent & agnostic software vendor

The ETAP investment completes Schneider's existing software portfolio for electric power systems. ETAP technology will be integrated with Schneider's unique cloud-based platform to design and operate mission-critical power systems using vendor-agnostic digital twin driven modeling, design, operations, and automation solutions.

Global customers and partners across critical process, including hybrid industries, generation plants, power grids, data centers, oil & gas, metal & mining, railways, and airports will benefit from enhanced combination of design, operations and automation knowledge.

A more efficient and low carbon future starts with intelligent design and operate solution. By digitally streamlining & adding intelligence to complex mission-critical systems throughout the lifecycle, the joint Schneider Electric and ETAP offering will:

• Maximize the power system production process through standardized vendor-agnostic and application-specific design templates, digital twin-enabled data models, and verified & validated product libraries
• Protect operational staff and equipment from arc flash, overvoltage, and overheating
• Improve system uptime, anticipate failures and protect critical loads through preventative and predictive maintenance
• Accelerate and improve integration of renewables, microgrids, fuel cells and battery storage technologies into power grids
• Pave the way for green data centers, resilient power grids, and decarbonized energy generation
• Reduces electricity grid CapEx up to 20% through improved design, operation, and performance

The integration of Schneider Electric's EcoStruxure™ Power Design platform and ETAP's electrical software design solutions will extend their reach across multi-vendor operating platforms to millions of connected assets across energy-intensive and mission-critical power systems applications.
By joining forces with ETAP, Schneider Electric adds a unique set of expertise and solutions for power efficiency, management, and resiliency. ETAP augments and elevates capabilities offered by Schneider Electric and software partners along the whole life cycle from CapEx to OpEx.

Dr. Farrokh Shokooh, Founder and CEO at ETAP, states:

"We are extremely pleased to join Schneider Electric, a trusted and respected global company. We are energized by the synergies that will bring the technologies and expertise of ETAP and Schneider together to serve our customers. Now, ETAP is even better positioned to offer an intelligent electrical digital twin platform with integrated solutions to support our customers across multiple industries in accelerating productivity and increasing efficiency for planning, automation, operation, optimization, and management of their power systems."

Jean-Pascal Tricoire, Chairman & CEO Schneider Electric, said:

“We are delighted to welcome the ETAP team on board. We share a passion for the digitalization of electrical design and the streamlining of every stage in the electrical installation life cycle, from design and build, to operate and maintain. Both of our companies are preparing for a world that will be smart and green, by becoming increasingly digital and electric. By joining forces with ETAP, we are entering a new chapter of advanced electrical distribution, with more digitalization on a global scale, and new tools to empower our customers and partners to make informed decisions and reach new levels of efficiency and sustainability.’’

ETAP will continue to operate as an independent software company and deliver value as vendor agnostic solutions provider. ETAP’s unique electrical digital twin platform will strengthen Schneider Electric’s position as a major player in electrical design, by offering customers wide range software capabilities to model, simulate, operate, automate, and optimize utilities and energy intensive systems as designed, and further enhance Schneider Electric’s digital twin capabilities in Power, Grid, Commercial & Building, Data Centers and other mission-critical sectors.

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ETAP is now part of the Schneider Electric family. The synergies from this partnership tremendously benefitting the industry.

Source: EIN Presswire

Loro Parque celebrates the premiere of a touching animated short film about the story of the orca Morgan

Loro Parque celebrates the premiere of a touching animated short film about the story of the orca Morgan

Loro Parque celebrates the premiere of a touching animated short film about the story of the orca Morgan 2

Loro Parque celebrates the premiere of a touching animated short film about the story of the orca Morgan 3

The film aims at raising awareness about the serious consequences that underwater noise can produce on marine wildlife

"Underwater noise pollution is an emerging problem that concerns scientists but unfortunately it still remains largely unattended in marine conservation policies worldwide".”

— Javier Almunia, director of Loro Parque Fundación

PUERTO DE LA CRUZ, SANTA CRUZ DE TENERIFE, SPAIN, June 29, 2021 / — Loro Parque – Animal Embassy has celebrated the premiere of a short film about the story of the orca Morgan on its social media channels, after it was selected by various international festivals and presented at more than 90 festivals around the world.

The animated film, directed by Marcos Martín Muñoz and produced by Capcub, not only narrates Morgan's journey until she found her home at the renowned zoological park of Puerto de la Cruz in Tenerife but also seeks to raise awareness on the serious adverse consequences that underwater noise can produce on animals.

The story of Morgan, the world's only deaf orca, is an opportunity to raise awareness of the problems caused by human-generated noise, not only for cetaceans, but also for other marine organisms and the welfare of the entire ecosystem.

Javier Almunia, director of Loro Parque Fundación, assures that "underwater noise pollution is an emerging problem that concerns scientists but unfortunately it still remains largely unattended in marine conservation policies worldwide". In this sense, the short film will serve to boost a school awareness project and also to promote a signature campaign asking the European Commission to implement measures to control and mitigate underwater noise in the marine Special Areas of Conservation that form part of the Natura 2000 Network. As the film is aimed at children and their families, the script and production are very entertaining and fun, and it is expected to be very well received by the audience.

Morgan: a story of perseverance with a happy ending

It was on 24 June 2010, just over 10 years ago, when this orca was found off the coast of the Netherlands. She was still just a calf and was found alone, dehydrated and malnourished, in a near-death condition. Thanks to her being rescued and to the many people who worked to help her survive, she was able to make a full recovery in just a few months at the Harderwijk Dolphinarium in the Netherlands.

However, her family could not be found, so she could not be returned to the sea and there were only two alternatives: euthanasia or an integration into a group of orcas under human care. The Dutch authorities, after studying her case, decided that the best place for her was Loro Parque and the latter accepted the request for help.

Soon after, her caregivers noticed that Morgan did not respond to sounds and a group of independent, international experts brought in to investigate the situation eventually concluded that she was deaf, which would prevent her from hunting, finding her way around and simply communicating in the open sea. Nevertheless, in order to interact with her, the trainers at OrcaOcean in Loro Parque developed a communication system based on lights that is unique in the world.

Thanks to this, Morgan was able to integrate more easily and has managed to establish such positive social bonds within the group that, in September 2018, she gave birth to her first calf, Ula, who is the youngest and is growing healthy and strong. Today, both live in perfect harmony with the other animals at Loro Parque-Animal Embassy.

Click below to watch the short film: (in Spanish with English subtitles) (dubbed in English)

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