Kidney Transplant Recipient Launches YouTube Series To Help Other Kidney Disease Sufferers

YouTube channel dedicated to CKD with expert insight into natural approaches to support kidney health offers countless hours of free educational content.

WOOD-RIDGE, NJ, USA, July 28, 2021 / — Robert Galarowicz, Naturopath and Kidney Transplant Recipient, has made it his life’s work to help other kidney health sufferers support more normal kidney function and preserve their overall health for as long as possible. Now, he is making the sum of his research available to all via Healthy Kidney Inc.’s new YouTube channel.

A re-launched YouTube channel dedicated to those living with chronic kidney disease with expert insight into the natural approaches that can help support kidney health has arrived and offers countless hours of free educational content for viewers.

Robert Galarowicz has done extensive research in the fields of nutrition and natural supportive options to help keep kidneys strong, help them preserve function and be able to do their job of excreting toxins from the body efficiently and safely. His driving passion behind this fervent devotion to supporting kidneys stems from his own personal experience with chronic kidney disease, which he was diagnosed with at the tender age of 21. Robert underwent many years of struggle with chronic kidney disease and experienced every stage of the ailment, from eventual renal failure necessitating dialysis to successful kidney transplant which he has kept in good working order through utilizing much of the same knowledge he shares on the Healthy Kidney Inc. YouTube Channel. Some of the most successful videos showcase this meticulously-acquired knowledge, while ensuring they are accessible to all viewers.

REDUCE Phosphorus Levels With Kidney Disease. 4 Tips Control Your Phosphorus With Kidney Disease
This video delves into some practical tips kidney disease sufferers can make use of to keep their phosphorus levels balanced. Phosphorus is one of the minerals which can quickly become toxic to the kidneys if not kept under control. Although it may seem like a daunting task, Robert’s approaches are easy to follow and maintain.

Kidney Disease Diet Plan My One Day Kidney Diet Plan Lower Protein
In this video, Robert discusses the ins and outs of what one day in his shoes looks like from a dietary point of view. What exactly does someone who is nutrition-savvy but also woefully aware of the need to balance their various kidney levels eat on a typical day?

#1 Way To Slow Down Kidney Disease and Even Reverse It | You MUST Check This For Kidney Function CKD
This video chronicles the single most important steps that can help mitigate kidney damage progression. It’s a simple test, which, when implemented regularly can help dramatically improve quality of life and prevent worsening function.

Kidney Disease And Memory Loss, Dementia, Cognitive Decline And What YOU Can Do About It
One of the most worrisome comorbid health issues in those suffering from CKD is cognitive decline in the form of dementia, recurrent brain fog and memory loss. This video showcases some simple techniques designed to keep the mind sharp and alert for years to come.

Low Magnesium & Kidney Disease | Blood Pressure and Heart Disease CKD
This video sheds some light on why magnesium is one of the most important minerals kidney disease sufferers need to monitor. Heart disease is another comorbid condition faced by those living with CKD and magnesium may play a crucial role in helping prevent it.

This is a small sampling of the vast catalogue of topics being covered on a daily basis by Robert Galarowicz on the Healthy Kidney Inc. YouTube page. There are numerous subjects of concern to the kidney disease community and many of these are often glossed over as an afterthought. Healthy Kidney Inc.’s philosophy, however, has always been rooted in a holistic approach. It’s all of those seemingly ‘small,’ disparate elements which, when meticulously handled, can dramatically alter the course of one’s kidney health. Fostering awareness of these issues is Healthy Kidney Inc.’s goal and the driving rationale behind each and every new video.

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