Boat Harassment Concerns for Victorian Dolphins

Vessel approaching closer than 100 metres

Reports of vessels harassing dolphins raise concern for their welfare following reports about vessels harassing dolphins in both Port Phillip & Western Port.

“We must respect them by obeying the marine mammal regulations”, said Jeff Weir. “It’s not about spoiling the remarkable experience of seeing dolphins, just showing common sense”.

— Jeff Weir

MELBOURNE, VIC, AUSTRALIA, January 17, 2019 / — Boat Harassment Concerns for Victorian Dolphins
Reports of vessels harassing dolphins in both our bays raise concern for their welfare.
The Dolphin Research Institute has been inundated directly and through social media, about vessels harassing dolphins in both Port Phillip and Western Port.
TV news even screened a “fluff piece” showing people doing the wrong thing in Port Phillip.
This also comes in a week where Wildlife Officers are investigating the alleged stabbing of a dolphin in Gippsland.
Our bays are home to resident communities of bottlenose dolphins and common dolphins that share their home with 5 million Melburnians.
“It is remarkable to have these dolphins living in our backyard, when many coastal communities around the world (and Australia) are at risk of losing their resident dolphins”, said Jeff Weir.
“We must respect them by obeying the marine mammal regulations”, said Weir. “It’s not about spoiling the remarkable experience of seeing dolphins, just showing common sense”.
Victoria’s regulations state that “People shouldn’t deliberately approach dolphins closer than 100 metres in boats, 300 metres on Jetskis or 30m for paddlers and swimmers”.
If dolphins pop up close to you or approach your vessel, then ideally stop if safe to do so and watch, or slow down and keep your direction. Enjoy and value our remarkable marine treasures, then let them swim off, without following.
More information about the rules and protecting dolphins are available on the Dolphin Research Institute’s website:
Everyone can help the Institute’s long-term research programs by reporting dolphin sightings. They can also join people who have supported the Adopt-A-Dolphin program for 27 years! Without community support the Institute’s crucial research and education programs to protect our dolphins and bays will not happen.
To report sightings and support the Institute: or 03 5979 7100.
MEDIA CONTACT: Jeff Weir. 03 5979 7100 | 0419 356 388 |
IMAGERY: Photos and vision of dolphins are available.

Jeff Weir
Dolphin Research Institute
+61 419356388
email us here

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CBMJ Places Super Bowl Ads for Baristas EnrichaRoast CBD Coffee – Marks First Time in History for Marijuana Products

Baristas CBD bags

Baristas CBD bags

Baristas Football

Baristas Football

LoudMouth News America

LoudMouth News America


Front Montgomery NFL

Front Montgomery NFL

CBMJ has successfully placed ads for Baristas EnrichaRoast CBD Coffee at Super Bowl LIII. First time any Marijuana related product will be seen at a Super Bowl.

Canna Consumer Goods, Inc. (OTCMKTS:CBMJ)

This is very significant in the development of cannabis companies gaining access to mainstream media due to CBMJ's unique position in the industry.”

— Darryn Gilliam

WEST PALM BEACH, FL, UNITED STATES, January 16, 2019 / — Canna Consumer Goods, Inc. / DBA Canna Broadcast Media (OTCPK:CBMJ) has successfully placed ads for Baristas EnrichaRoast CBD Coffee at Super Bowl LIII. The game is scheduled to be played on February 3, 2019 and is the 53rd Super Bowl and the 49th modern-era National Football League championship game. It will decide the league champion for the 2018 NFL season. This year’s game will be played at The Mercedes-Benz Stadium is in Atlanta, Georgia.

This is the first time any Marijuana related product will be seen at a Super Bowl, making this a ground-breaking moment.

The EnrichaRoast CBD ads are only able to be cleared due to Canna Broadcast Medias’ (OTCPK:CBMJ) geofencing platform which will deliver ads in and around the stadium. Canna Broadcast Media specializes in getting mainstream media cleared promoting the cannabis sector including network TV, radio, and digital ads targeting those who wish to take advantage of the incredible investment opportunities that exist in the cannabis sector.

Being at the forefront of building awareness around Cannabis companies is a personal goal of Canna Broadcast Media. Strategic partnerships allow CBMJ to cultivate ROI based on the direction of their clients. With years of advertising and investor relations experience at the foundation of CBMJ, the presences of wisdom will never be doubted.
A partnership with Baristas Coffee Company, one of the most recognized coffee brands in the country, was just signed making CBMJ the exclusive ad placement agency for all Barista marijuana derivative products. So, you can look for ads at this year’s Super Bowl featuring Baristas products, all made possible by CBMJ. The ads will run throughout the day in and around the stadium before, during, and after the game and will include a special offer to send a message to the headlining halftime performer just confirmed to be Maroon 5. The spots will be seen on numerous digital displays including mobile devices allowing fans to connect via a special Baristas EnrichaRoast CBD coffee portal.

CBMJ also owns the popular cannabis news radio program “Loudmouth News”. Originating in Seattle "LoudMouth News" became the first and is the longest-running syndicated terrestrial radio news program that focuses on the news relating to the marijuana industry in the USA. Last week this groundbreaking series reached an agreement for LoudMouth News to be heard via syndicated networks across Canada. LoudMouth News presents the news and commentary in an entertaining neutral manner highlighting the most impactful current news in politics, products, sociological issues, businesses, and the ever-changing perceptions of marijuana usage. LoudMouth News is currently cleared to air on over 700 radio stations in the USA, is broadcast by YouTube and now is expanding into Canada.

Canna Broadcast Media also recently acquired the assets, of the Canna Broadcasting Network including its Television Properties, Canna News Group, Digital delivery platform, agreements with Network partners, web-based properties, sales channel, cash, pre-paid TV media, radio media, and projects in development.

Canna Broadcast Media continues to build the first multi-faceted media company devoted to the cannabis industry. Although prohibited from doing so independently, with Canna Broadcast Media, cannabis company’s have access to mainstream media in print, TV, and online, on a National and Canadian basis. Simply put, CBMJ allows them to get marijuana products and companies access to mainstream media in ways that without CBMJ are currently just not possible.

About CBMJ: (CBMJ) dba Canna Broadcast Media specializes in getting mainstream media cleared promoting the cannabis sector including network TV, radio, and digital ads targeting those who wish to take advantage of the incredible investment opportunities that exist in the cannabis sector. Canna Broadcast Media acquired "LoudMouth News" which became the first and longest-running syndicated terrestrial radio news program that focused on the news relating to the marijuana industry. LoudMouth News presents the news and commentary in an entertaining neutral manner highlighting the most impactful current news in politics, products, sociological issues, businesses, and the ever-changing perceptions of marijuana usage.

Darryn Gilliam
Canna Consumer Goods, Inc.
+1 425-346-9051
email us here

Baristas Coffee Commercial Megs McLean

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Summit Health Group announces Regenerative Therapy to treat a wide range of orthopedic and pain related issues

Summit Health now providing a natural solution to treat tennis elbow, golfer's elbow, rotator cuff damage and shoulder pain.

The addition of PRP has been extremely successful, we have experienced remarkable results when treating a wide range of orthopedic issues, it's natural and uses the body's own cells to to heal itself.”

— Shay Shani D.C.

THOUSAND OAKS, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, January 16, 2019 / — Summit Health Group is now offering both autologous and allogenic treatments to help patients deal with damage, pain and the loss of use from joint injuries by using the power of their own stem cells and regenerative biologic allografts.
Shay Shani D.C. co-founder of Summit Health Group stated, “Our physicians have a great reputation for providing the right medical solutions to our patients. Our entire team has both seen and personally experienced the amazing results of these groundbreaking procedures. The addition of PRP has been extremely successful, we have experienced remarkable results when treating a wide range of orthopedic issues. We work with only the highest quality products to provide effective, affordable and non-surgical solutions to our patients. We do all we can to help those in pain not just mask their symptoms but have a chance to resolve the problem and get back to enjoying their life to the fullest.” Platelet Rich Plasma therapy continues to gain popularity daily through national and international endorsements because it uses the patient’s own blood without any drugs, hundreds of professional athletes have utilized PRP to treat their injuries.

About Summit Health Group
Co-founded by Donnelly Wilkes, M.D. and Shay Shani, D.C. Summit Health Group has focused on creating the gold level standard in Primary Care, Regenerative Medicine, Physical Therapy and Chiropractic Medicine. Our focus on a comprehensive approach provides our patients access to the latest options instead of a one size fits all approach. Summit offers proven solutions for Spinal Decompression, Platelet Rich Plasma, Peripheral Neuropathy, Plantar Fasciitis, Tennis Elbow, Golfer’s Elbow, Shoulder Pain, Class IV Laser Therapy, Stem Cell and Regenerative Therapy, Trigger Point Injections, IV Infusion Therapy, Hypnotherapy and Injectable Vitamins. The entire staff undergoes constant training so as to stay on top of the best options available for our patients. The team provides only the most effective services and products available today. Contact Summit health at (805) 499-4446 or via email at to arrange a no obligation consultation.

Shay Shani D.C.
Summit Health Group
+1 805-499-4446
email us here

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Opportunity for Federally-Funded Projects to be Viewed by Thousands

Registration opens January 15th to be a presenter in the 2019 STEM for ALL Video Showcase, hosted by TERC and funded by NSF, addressing the theme Innovations in STEM Education.

Registration opens Jan. 15th to be a 2019 STEM for ALL Video Showcase presenter, hosted by TERC and funded by NSF, with the theme Innovations in STEM Education.

CAMBRIDGE, MA, UNITED STATES, January 16, 2019 / — Federally funded projects are invited to register January 15th – February 19th as presenters to submit their short project video (less than 3-minutes) by April 23rd into the STEM for All Video Showcase. The interactive, free, online event provides access to a range of cutting-edge projects aimed at improving Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science teaching and learning. During the week of May 13th, thousands of educators, researchers, policy makers and the public, will discuss the videos with the presenters, exchange ideas, explore the impact of these programs, and vote for their favorites.

“In its 5th year, the Video Showcase continues to provide an opportunity for projects to receive new ideas and feedback, to hear from audiences interested in using their resources, and to broadly disseminate their innovative work,” said Joni Falk, Principal Investigator of the Video Showcase and co-director of the Center for School Reform at TERC. “It also enables presenters to learn of related projects and to make new contacts and collaborations for future work.”

The Video Showcase offers projects a compelling platform to share their work nationally and internationally. The 2018 Video Showcase has had over 70,000 unique visitors from 180 countries.

“Very quickly, I think in the space of three or four days, we got thousands of views and as an academic it was the first time that I produced anything in my career that got such a wide readership so quickly,” said Michel DeGraff, MIT-Haiti Initiative. “One real world consequence as part of the video was to be able to enlist support that we didn’t even know existed. Some people actually wrote to me wanting to help. And eventually they did come to help.”

Successful videos will describe the need that the project addresses, the intervention, innovation, or research, and the potential impact of the work. Based on online voting, some video presentations will be recognized on the site at the end of the event as public choice, presenters’ choice or facilitator’s choice. Full video requirements along with additional information about this year’s theme can be found here:

The STEM for All Video Showcase is created and hosted by TERC, in partnership with six NSF funded resource centers MSPnet, CADRE, CAISE, CIRCL, STELAR, CS for All Teachers. The showcase is funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation (#1642187). To learn more about the showcase and to watch project videos from 2018, visit


About TERC and Its Mission

For over 50 years, TERC had introduced millions of students to exciting opportunities in mathematics and science by creating effective programs, educational games, innovative curricula, and professional development experiences for teachers. TERC is an independent, research-based organization dedicated to broadening participation and increasing access to high quality STEM experiences for all students.

Joni Falk
+1 617-873-9600
email us here

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Pharmaceutical Microbiology UK CONFEX takes place in less than a week!

SMi reports: Registration will close in less than week, as the countdown begins for the 8th Annual Pharmaceutical Microbiology UK Conference.

LONDON, LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, January 16, 2019 / — The 8th Annual Pharmaceutical Microbiology UK, will take place at the contemporary Coprthorne Tara Hotel in London, on 21 and 22 January 2019. With less than a week remaining, both the pharmaceutical and specialty chemicals industries currently facing both unparalleled opportunities and challenges will gather to address the key trends, challenges and strategies in contamination control.

The two-day conference will bring together leading industry experts including Sanofi, Mettler-Toledo, GSK, Fresenius Kabi, AstraZeneca, DuPont, PHSS, Novo Nordisk and many more. These expert-led presentations will enable attendees to learn about the challenges of endotoxin testing, the best practices in cleaning and disinfection and contamination control, mold contamination challenges and to hear about various real-life case studies from experiences in the cleanrooms.

In addition, the agenda for the conference will cover various hot topics including:
• Rapid Microbial Methods
• Environmental Monitoring
• Regulations
• Challenges and trends for Plasma-Derived Materials
• VBNC Bacteria Testing
• Mold Contamination Challenges
• Contamination Control Challenges and Strategies

For more information about the event, please visit the conference website:

With Pharmaceutical Microbiology UK fast-approaching, attendees can still sign up to the post-conference workshops on the 22nd January. The workshops will provide the perfect opportunity to gain in-depth insight into the following selected topics:

Workshop A is on ‘Common mistakes made when setting up an environmental monitoring programme’ hosted by Microrite.

Workshop B is on ‘Rapid Microbial Methods & Developing a risk-Based Cleaning and Disinfection Programme’ hosted by Battelle and Steris Corporation.

To guarantee your secured place, register online at:

Pharmaceutical Microbiology UK is proudly sponsored by GOLD SPONSOR: DuPont
SPONSORS: Mettler Toledo, bioMérieux, Copan Group, Fujifilm & RSSL

Sponsorship has sold out, but you can still contact Alia Malick, Director at SMi on +44 (0) 20 827 6168 or to discuss related sponsorship packages for our Pharmaceutical Microbiology East Coast and West Coast events.

For media enquiries contact Simi Sapal on +44 (0) 20 7827 6000 or

Pharmaceutical Microbiology 2019
Conference: 21st – 22nd January 2019
Post-conference workshop: 23rd January 2019
Copthorne Tara Hotel, London, UK
Follow us @SMiPharm

—- END —-
About SMi Group: Established since 1993, the SMi Group is a global event-production company that specializes in Business-to-Business Conferences, Workshops, Masterclasses and online Communities. We create and deliver events in the Defence, Security, Energy, Utilities, Finance and Pharmaceutical industries. We pride ourselves on having access to the world’s most forward-thinking opinion leaders and visionaries, allowing us to bring our communities together to Learn, Engage, Share and Network. More information can be found at

Simi Sapal
SMi Group
email us here

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Godinterest Relaunches its Upgraded Publishing Platform

Godinterest Logo

Godinterest Logo



Faithful Believers in Constitutional Freedoms and Online Privacy Celebrate!

God is awesome. Let’s share that knowledge with the world–one story at a time.”

— Dean Jones

LONDON, CENTRAL LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, January 15, 2019 / — The Team at Godinterest is proud to announce the relaunch of its open publishing platform, and pleased to once again become the publishing resource for so many thousands of our faithful online writers, readers and faith-based, global thought leaders.

Originally launched to great success in 2012 as an open online forum and publishing platform for an increasingly neglected faith-based global community, has now upgraded its services and relaunched to further explore and celebrate the community’s Freedom of Expression through the direct promotion of their Freedom of Religion.

Godinterest Founder, Designer, Project Manager and grateful Christian Dad, Dean Jones, had this to say in reference to the relaunch-
“Godinterest gives occasion to a whole new set of conversations about religion in public life and represents the possibility of a common conversation among a diverse set of voices. ”

And while the entire team is eagerly anticipating spreading the word of our faith-based contributors with even greater ease, success, and global access for all, the Core Principles of Godinterest have always been and will remain-

• We firmly believe that all bloggers have the right to political speech, the right to express their political opinions, and should always maintain the right to express their political values.
• We firmly believe in protecting and promoting our freedom of religion or belief, even in the face of any and all governmental, administrative and/or non-state acting opposition.
• We further believe that our bloggers have the right to maintain their privacy, along with the option to remain anonymous if they so choose.
• Godinterest does not and will not ever exercise editorial oversight over the sites hosted on our service.

Godinterest is Here to Share the Good News of Our Faithful Contributors
In an overwhelmingly liberal dominated, global media maelstrom with increasingly “progressive” agendas, many of the largest internet platforms are currently being held hostage by an aggressively thuggish PC culture, which is now openly suppressing articles in defense of conservative values. Godinterest recognizes this blatant bias against even the most moderate conservative thought and is, therefore, always open to encouraging, promoting and openly publishing thoughtful, articulate and reasonable voices from the Right. The Godinterest editorial team is also always open to developing mutually productive partnerships with all of our faithful Christian denominations throughout the world in a sincere effort to multiple our forces in the ongoing struggle to share, promote and protect our common values.

In addition-
• We are committed to continuing to join hands with other conservative groups in the vital battle to protect and preserve our constitutional rights to free speech online.
• We are also committed to celebrating our Freedom of Expression through promotion of our Freedom of Religion, which remains an inalienable Constitutional right guaranteed and protected by the 1st Amendment- “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”
• All Godinterest users also deeply respect our Right to Privacy, as established and protected by the 4th Amendment to the US Constitution.
• We at Godinterest further acknowledge that our user’s online privacy–and their option to remain anonymous–is a sacred principle that we must always cherish and protect.

The Upgrade
At its core Godinterest has always been an open online publishing platform where faith-based believers from all walks of life can read important, insightful stories on the topics that matter most to them, as well as positively interact with other believers across the globe. Our platform is also a forum where all of our faith-based contributors can also openly share their thoughts, ideas, opinions and values with a world that is increasingly being denied their point of view.
• Our bloggers and writers will be able to create multi-user blogs which promote convenient interaction.
• Our bloggers and writers will be able to create websites with time-stamped entries.
• Any user can now create up to 50 blogs per account
• All blogs are hosted by Godinterest and accessed from a subdomain of
• Blogs can now also be served from a custom domain privately owned by the user (ex: by using our DNS facilities to direct a domain to Godinterest's server.

We at Godinterest look forward to a blessed and rewarding future for all of our contributors, users, readers, and all of the faithful everywhere around the world!

Dean Jones
email us here
Visit us on social media:

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Nueva traducción al español del galardonado libro para niños que promueve las habilidades científicas y de lectura

Sus ilustraciones realistas y hechos divertidos sobre los animales ayudan a las familias y a los educadores a crear interés por los temas CTIM

El viaje de un bebé mamífero a la madurez varía dramáticamente dependiendo de si es un oso o un murciélago, una musaraña o una foca, un hipopótamo o un humano.”

— la autora, Dia L. Michels

WASHINGTON, DC, UNITED STATES, January 15, 2019 / — Si mi mamá fuera un ornitorrinco, un título recomendado por NSTA y el Libro del Año de Creative Child Magazine, está siendo publicado de nuevo en español, en pasta suave, pasta dura y en formato eBook.

Publicado originalmente en inglés en el año 2002, este libro de 64 páginas ha sido alabado por maestros, bibliotecarios y educadores en museos. Su enfoque para enseñar ciencia por medio de la literatura ayuda a los niños a extraer contenido importante sobre la ciencia mientras fortalecen y practican su habilidad de lectura. El contenido se ajusta directamente a los Estándares Científicos de la Próxima Generación (NGSS, por sus siglas en inglés) y al currículum de primaria y de la escuela intermedia. Además de sus otros premios, este título ganó un Sello de Aprobación de la Fundación Young Voices (Voces Jóvenes).

El texto en español les ayuda a los lectores a desarrollar sus habilidades científicas y de lectura. De acuerdo con el Instituto de Política de Inmigración, "casi un tercio de todos los niños en los Estados Unidos de ocho años o menos están aprendiendo dos idiomas. Estos niños se benefician en gran manera de las oportunidades de aprendizaje temprano de alta calidad". Si mi mamá fuera un ornitorrinco proporciona oportunidades de aprendizaje temprano para quienes hablan español y están aprendiendo inglés.

La universalidad del ciclo de vida es capturada de forma hermosa en este asombroso libro, descrito como "Completamente interesante" [Revista Foreword] y "¡Atractivo tanto visual como verbalmente!" [Academia Carnegie para la Educación de la Ciencia].

Si mi mamá fuera un ornitorrinco revela cómo catorce bebés mamíferos indefensos se convierten en adultos maduros. A diferencia de los reptiles, insectos y anfibios, todas las madres de mamíferos alimentan, protegen y les enseñan a sus crías—incluso cuando esas tareas a menudo desafían sus necesidades de sobrevivencia.

"El viaje de un bebé mamífero a la madurez varía dramáticamente dependiendo de si es un oso o un murciélago, una musaraña o una foca, un hipopótamo o un humano", explica la autora, Dia L. Michels. "A pesar de esas diferencias, cuando todos los mamíferos nacen son completamente indefensos. Todas las mamás mamíferas deben guiar a sus crías para que dejen de ser indefensos y pasen a la madurez. Conforme sus madres les enseñan a encontrar comida y albergue, los mamíferos sociales aprenden otra herramienta importante para la supervivencia: que son parte de una sociedad interconectada en la cual cada miembro ayuda a los demás. Los humanos no son ninguna excepción. Cuando nacen son más inmaduros que cualquier otro bebé y dependen bastante de su familia y de su comunidad. Este libro les ayuda a los niños a verse a sí mismos como miembros de un grupo en lugar de individuos solitarios".

Las historias de estos mamíferos bebés tratan temas científicos importantes, incluyendo percepción sensorial, identificación de infantes, hábitats, ciclos de vida, adaptación, ecología, metabolismo, anatomía, biomas, clasificación y sobrevivencia. La guía para el maestro expande y extiende el contenido científico e incluye actividades prácticas. Está disponible para ser descargada de forma gratuita en el sitio web de la casa editora. Los educadores también aprecian el glosario y las medidas métricas incluidas en el libro.

Este título ha sido utilizado en entornos educativos y también como un recurso de salud en las comunidades. Los Centros de Nacimientos, el Departamentos de Salud y las instalaciones maternas y de salud para niños lo comparten con los futuros padres y con familias que tienen niños pequeños. En el año 2011, el Departamento de Salud de Nuevo México compró 6,000 copias para un programa estatal diseñado para promover la vida familiar, la paternidad responsable y la lectura.

"¡Este es uno de los libros más interesantes que no son de ficción que he leído! Se correlaciona muy bien con nuestro currículum de ciencias y los recursos complementarios son amigables para los maestros", dice Sonya Smith, Coordinadora de Ciencias del programa de Fomento de las Ciencias en Maestros de la Escuela Intermedia, en el estado de Mississippi.

Dia L. Michels, escritora galardonada en ciencias y paternidad responsable con publicaciones internacionales, ha escrito o editado más de una docena de libros para niños y adultos. Además, da presentaciones en todo el país sobre lactancia en los mamíferos, ciencia familiar y crianza con apego. Puede comunicarse con ella en

Andrew Barthelmes es un talentoso ilustrador y artista gráfico. Es el diseñador tras la galardonada serie de libros de ciencias y matemáticas Misterios de un minuto (One Minute Mysteries). Su trabajo ha aparecido en el New Yorker y en otras publicaciones. Él vive en Peekskill, NY con su esposa y sus tres hijos. Contáctelo en

Science Naturally es una prensa independiente comprometida a aumentar el conocimiento de ciencias y matemáticas de formas divertidas e interactivas. Nuestros libros están diseñados para ayudar a los lectores a entender mejor cómo es que la ciencia y las matemáticas afectan nuestra vida diaria. Todos nuestros títulos han obtenido el deseado "NSTA Recommends", una recomendación de la Asociación Nacional de Maestros de Ciencias.

Los títulos de Science Naturally están disponibles para compra directa. Son distribuidos por National Book Network. Las ediciones para bibliotecas son distribuidas por Children’s Plus. También están disponibles con un descuento significativo en el mercado de First Book para organizaciones que atienden a niños necesitados.

Las copias para reseñas están disponibles a petición. Puede encontrar texto de muestra, imágenes de la portada y una articulación del contenido para NGSS, además de la guía para maestros en

Anna Cohen
Platypus Media
+1 202-465-4798
email us here
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ICO of the biggest blockchain university UBAI starts on January 15

UBAI, the biggest online university of blockchain and investing, is launching its own ICO that will last almost for 6 months, from January 15 to June 15.

The company is planning to raise $50,000,000 as for their hard cap and $1,000,000 for soft cap. The lock up period is 1 year both for company members and investors.”


TOKYO, JAPAN, January 16, 2019 / — UBAI, the biggest online university of blockchain and investing, is launching its own ICO that will last almost for 6 months, from January 15 to June 15.

For long term holders and bonus participants: tokens will be available for purchase directly through the personal account, however, UBAI coins will be frozen for 1 year. After that, on a monthly basis, 10% of tokens will be available for selling. Raised funds will be used for further development of the platform, as well as for its own blockchain, an extension of the team, and to cover the marketing and legal expenses related to the license application.

The company is planning to raise $50,000,000 as for their hard cap and $1,000,000 for soft cap. The lock up period is 1 year both for company members and investors. After that, each month holders will be able to sell 10% of their UBAI coins.The overall UBAI token supply is limited to 291.600.000.000, 70% will be sold during the token sale stage, 5% will be destined to the team and project advisors.

In particular, thanks to the mass adoption of the blockchain, skilled practitioners are now worth their weight in gold. More than 2000 companies all over the world are currently looking for decentralized ledger technology professionals. According to Techcrunch research, last year, freelance talent marketplace Upwork saw blockchain rise to the fastest-growing skill out of more than 5,000 skills in terms of freelancer billings — a year-over-year increase of more than 35,000 percent. These requests span ICO advisory services, engineering projects, and overall blockchain consultancy. It means that there are job opportunities not only for code writers or programmers.

What is UBAI?

UBAI is an Online University of Blockchain and Investing that was founded in the beginning of 2018 by a group of professionals from different fields that have direct or indirect relevance to blockchain industry. Meanwhile authors of the UBAI courses are the leading specialists in legal and financial planning, blockchain programming and other technical topics.

In the meantime of the course creation, the blockchain industry has suffered important changes, such as employment of new mechanisms, layers, hard forks, and even the approval of regulations. Authors of UBAI courses continue working on adding complementary material in order to keep up their students on the latest updates and news. Thus, one should understand that he or she is investing in already existing product that will be in demand for years. With UBAI courses people of all ages and from all social sectors will be able to change their professions or working positions for something more valuable and better rewarding.

UBAI’s strategy

UBAI team has opted for diversification – its platform will include not only online courses or news portal, but also a blockchain based diploma confirmation system, career development center together with the finance department that will deal with ICOs and STOs analysis.

Blockchain based diploma confirmation system

The idea of academic certificates on the blockchain is based on the fact that blockchain can serve as a decentralized permanent unalterable storage of all type of information or even assets. It is erroneous to think that blockchain is all about currency or payment system. UBAI’s diploma confirmation system will help educational institutions to build a secure and immutable database of the graduate certificates, thus helping ex-alumni to pursue successful careers. At the same time, companies will be protected from possible frauds. By the way, career records, achievements and any other valuable documentation may also be safely stored, and easily verified in any part of the world.

Career Development Center

UBAI is one of the few universities that has its own career development center. One thing is to offer education, and another thing is to put it on practice. Even in blockchain industry, it may cost time to find a position where one can apply recently acquired knowledge. UBAI has a list of partners and companies that are constantly looking for new employees or interns.

Finance Department
Another feature – is their analytical department. Currently, many inexperienced investors participate in ICOs without previously verifying them. Traders base the decision on a couple of articles and comments on Reddit or Twitter. As a result, people get fooled/scammed by commercials with superstars, like was the case with Mayweather. UBAI, in turn, studies not only the viability of the idea that ICO conducting company is trying to achieve but also its team experience and the existence of required skills to develop a decent product. For that purpose, UBAI employs both top-down and bottom-up methods of analysis.

E-Conference Platform
Additionally, UBAI team is working on a platform that would allow its users to assist to different conferences without having to travel thousands of miles. Thanks to VR technology it will be possible to become a part of the meeting and even interact with the surroundings remotely. VR technology will be also used in the education process, as a result, a virtual university will be created.
Finally yet importantly, with its own news media platform called, UBAI seeks to protect internet users from false or fake news. According to The Washington post,” if technology continues its current advance, we may soon face totally convincing videos showing events that never happened — created so effectively that even experts will have trouble proving they’re fakes. At a business and personal level, it could be equally dangerous – fake statements by chief executives or banking officials could throw financial markets into turmoil.”

For complete information, please visit

Mike Graigham
+7 916 653-38-96
email us here

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Tiffany Troso-Sandoval MD Serves Frontline on the Fight Against Endometrial Cancers

Tiffany Troso-Sandova

ROCKVILLE CENTRE, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, January 15, 2019 / — Tiffany Troso-Sandoval MD is a cancer-fighting vanguard, helping women fight off breast and gynecological cancer. In addition to her patient care and clinical work, she frequently speaks at conferences and educates the masses, doing her part to make real change in the fight against cancer.

Last year, Dr. Troso-Sandoval was a headline speaker at a partnership event through Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and Molloy College, focusing on endometrial cancer. Along with notable speakers like Jennifer J. Mueller MD and Richard M. Gewanter MD, Dr. Troso-Sandoval spoke on improving outcomes for endometrial cancer while maintaining quality of life.

Her work was also highlighted in the Long Island Pulse, a New York publication seeking out the best of the best professionals in their respected fields. The magazine shined a spotlight on Tiffany Troso-Sandoval MD and her dedication to helping women in the Long Island area stave off cancer with revolutionary treatments. It spoke on her work in treating ovarian cancer, breast cancer, cervical cancer, and uterine cancer which plague women today.

“Women are susceptible to a range of diseases, and cancers are always at the top of the list of most-dreaded. Our work at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center is cutting edge. Our goal is to give the best, most comprehensive and effective cancer care to each patient, while also paving the way for more effective treatments in the future,” says Tiffany Troso-Sandoval MD.

The Harsh Reality of Endometrial Cancer

Endometrial cancer is a disease of the uterus, cancer cells ultimately forming in the uterine lining. This type of cancer can be brought on by alterations in hormone production, though its exact cause is still unknown. Women may experience pelvic pain or notice a slight bloody discharge when afflicted with endometrial cancer, and the consequences can be extremely severe if not recognized promptly.

Life with endometrial cancer is a frightening reality for many women, but Dr. Troso-Sandoval goes the extra mile to get to know her patients on a personal level. She is the type of physician who will provide a comprehensive explanation of how she will treat not only the cancer, but the whole patient.

How Oncologists like Tiffany Troso-Sandoval MD Change the Game

Many physicians and medical specialists overlook the fact that their patients are human and need personal attention and care when facing such a devastating battle. Dr. Troso-Sandoval takes the time to personalize her cancer treatments and also management of the side effects of those treatments.

“My patients all receive individual and personalized approaches to fighting their cancer. Understanding each individual on a personal level is vital in choosing the right form of treatment,” says Tiffany Troso-Sandoval MD.

Endometrial cancer is aggressive, but with vanguard oncologists like Dr. Troso-Sandoval, women in the Long Island area have a fighting chance for a cancer-free life.

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Source: EIN Presswire

New York State Vapor Association Responds To Governor Cuomo's Proposed E-Cigarette Regulations

News from New York State Vapor Association, Albany NY

NYSVA, a trade organization representing independent vape shops in NY, responds to Gov. Cuomo's e-cigarette control measures announced in his 2019 budget.

WEST CHAZY, NY, UNITED STATES, January 14, 2019 / — Saturday, Governor Cuomo announced restrictions on e-cigarettes and vapor products in his proposed 2019 New York State Budget, in an effort to stem use by minors. Included in these proposals are, raising the age of sale to 21; licensing retailers; ending sales at pharmacies; clarifying the Health Department's ability to ban certain flavors; restricting display and packaging to adult-only stores; restricting discounts offered by manufacturers and retailers.

The New York State Vapor Association (NYSVA) is a trade organization representing independent vape shops. NYSVA president, Michael Frennier responded, "We support legislation to keep tobacco and vapor products out of the hands of minors, including retail licensing, stricter penalties for selling to minors, and stringent age verification–avenues that we wish the State would take. Surprisingly, there are no consequences for minors who smoke or vape as there is with underage drinking. Penalties for teen use, and adults who give or sell to minors, would deter many and should be the law."

NYSVA applauds New York for taking steps to help reduce youth smoking rates, but expressed concern that some of the proposals may unintentionally increase smoking rates for youth and adults. NYSVA strongly opposes banning e-liquid flavors because vast research shows flavors are key to an adult's successful transition from combustible tobacco. The NYSVA also opposes raising the age to 21, because it impedes 18-20 year old adults from making the choice to switch to a product that is at least 95% less hazardous than cigarettes (according to Public Health England, which publicly encourages vaping in the UK). Plus, studies from Weill Cornell Medicine, Yale, and the National Bureau of Economic Research showed that raising the age to 21 for vapor products increases the rate of teen cigarette smoking.

"Most of our members are ex-smokers who take the task of helping adults switch to a much less harmful product very seriously, and we don't want to see another generation become addicted to nicotine." Frennier added, "We are hopeful that a balance between adults who need them and minors who shouldn't use them can be met with a common sense approach."

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Source: EIN Presswire