Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology Professor Instilling Entrepreneurial Mindset as Engineering Unleashed Fellow

Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology Physics and Optical Engineering Professor Kosta Popovic

Kosta Popovic, PhD, Assistant Professor of Physics and Optical Engineering

Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

Kosta Popovic, PhD, is infusing more hands-on activities and Entrepreneurial Minded Learning opportunities for first-year students in physics studio courses.

Implementing Entrepreneurial Minded Learning lessons in first-year science courses are invaluable building blocks for all engineering students.”

— Kosta Popovic, PhD, Assistant Professor of Physics and Optical Engineering

TERRE HAUTE, IN, UNITED STATES, October 18, 2021 / — Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology Assistant Professor of Physics and Optical Engineering Kosta Popovic, PhD, is among a select list of higher education STEM educators who are creating classroom and laboratory experiences that are instilling today’s engineering students with an entrepreneurial mindset.

Popovic has been named a 2021 Engineering Unleashed Fellow by a group of his peers and in recognition of his contributions to engineering education and, in particular, entrepreneurial engineering. This year’s fellows include 27 faculty members from 22 institutions across America, all of whom participated in the Engineering Unleashed faculty development national workshop program.

Each fellow has received a $10,000 grant from the Kern Family Foundation to undertake educational projects that help students identify opportunities, be curious while solving problems, and create long-lasting value – enhancing the work engineers already do to become even more powerful agents of societal good.

Popovic will use the grant to expand efforts with Physics and Optical Engineering Assistant Professor Dan Marincel, PhD, to infuse more hands-on activities and Entrepreneurial Minded Learning (EML) opportunities for first-year students in introductory physics studio courses. Those efforts were previously supported through a $15,000 program transformation grant from the Kern Family Foundation that also involved Maarij Syed, PhD, professor of physics and optical engineering.

“Implementing EML lessons in first-year science courses are invaluable building blocks for all engineering students. That’s why we need to keep experimenting and assessing the impact of these educational practices so that we can make them readily available for instructors at Rose-Hulman and other STEM-oriented institutions,” said Popovic. In terms of prolonged impact, he also is “excited to learn from other Engineering Unleashed Fellows on ways to further promote EML into our courses.”

Engineering Unleashed is a community of more than 3,500 engineering faculty and staff from diverse universities across the United States, like Rose-Hulman, with a shared mission to graduate engineers with an entrepreneurial mindset so that they can create personal, economic and societal value through a lifetime of meaningful work.

A member of the Rose-Hulman faculty since 2015, Popovic strives to promote students’ mastery of scientific material through introductory level lecture- and lab-based courses that engage and challenge students. He also is a research/development-oriented physicist who has more than 10 years of experience in medical device academic research. Popovic earned a doctorate in physics from the University of Virginia after completing bachelor’s degrees in physics and mathematics from Hamilton College (New York).

About Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
Founded in 1874, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology is dedicated to preparing its students with the world’s best undergraduate science, engineering and mathematics education in an environment infused with innovation, intellectual rigor and individualized attention. The institute is consistently recognized nationally as an elite STEM school for distinctions that include faculty excellence, return on investment, value-added, and career services. Career placement is near 100 percent year after year. Located in Terre Haute, Indiana, Rose-Hulman has an enrollment of approximately 2,000 undergraduate students and nearly 100 graduate students. Learn more at

Dale Long
Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
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Science at Rose-Hulman

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Rockland expands infectious disease portfolio with new partner, Diagnostic BioSystems

Rockland Logo

LIMERICK, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, October 18, 2021 / — Diagnostic BioSystems (DBS), a provider of cutting-edge in vitro diagnostics and high quality Immunohistochemistry (IHC) reagents has signed a distribution agreement with Rockland Immunochemicals, Inc. (Rockland), a leading life science reagent manufacturer specializing in antibodies and antibody-based tools.

This partnership enables greater accessibility of select infectious disease antibodies that have been optimized for high quality staining in immunohistochemical applications. The addition of these antibodies to Rockland’s portfolio will provide scientists convenience when searching for critical immunoreagents for use in their in vitro diagnostic assays. These antibodies along with Rockland’s growing selection of general-purpose reagents can be used in a broad range of diagnostic applications to assist in the identification and treatment of afflictions.

Jim Fendrick, President and CEO of Rockland agrees that “partnerships are important to Rockland. We believe that unifying the efforts of industry leaders allows us to better serve the life science community and we’re confident that the combined efforts of Rockland and DBS will do just that.”

DBS and Rockland share a common goal of providing reliable access to high quality reagents for the advancement of life science. The combination of both DBS’s and Rockland’s first-class customer service and distribution processes will allow for efficient procurement and expert technical support to researchers and clinicians around the world.

“Timely and effective promotion of advanced immunohistochemistry solutions is crucial for rapidly evolving life sciences and healthcare systems”, said Bipin Gupta PhD, Founder and Chief Executive officer at Diagnostic BioSystems. “We are pleased to partner with Rockland Immunochemicals, Inc, a global provider of life science solutions ”.

About Rockland Immunochemicals, Inc.

Since 1962, Rockland Immunochemicals, Inc. has provided reproducible and highly validated antibodies, reagents, and services to the academic, biopharma, and diagnostic industries. Rockland has a long-established history of providing critical antibodies and reagents as a qualified raw material supplier—specifically in the area of infectious disease and in vitro diagnostics. Rockland’s antibodies specific to SARS-CoV-2 Nucleocapsid and Spike proteins are being used both directly and indirectly for vaccine development, drug discovery, diagnostics, and COVID-19 research. Every aspect of the manufacturing process is completed within Rockland’s US-based facilities, ensuring a secure supply chain and providing long-term solutions to communities around the globe.

About Diagnostic BioSystems

Diagnostic BioSystems (DBS) is a global developer, manufacturer, and supplier of medical devices for the anatomic pathology and histology markets. Since their inception in 1994, the core of Diagnostic BioSystems success has centered on high-quality manufacturing and exceptional customer service and support for their portfolio of over 1600 IHC products. Through the combination of ready-to-use kits, antibodies, instrumentation and novel chromogens, Diagnostic BioSystems provides a complete suite of IHC products for clinical and research use. This coupled with ease-of-use, affordability, and worldwide distribution gives Diagnostic BioSystems' customers reliable access to the products they need most.

Allison Van Camp
Rockland Immunochemicals, Inc.

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Choroideremia Research Foundation spearheaded ICRN’s formation with 90 researchers from 25 countries and growing

SPRINGFIELD, MA, UNITED STATES, October 18, 2021 / — The Choroideremia Research Foundation is pleased to announce the establishment of the International Choroideremia Research Network (ICRN), a global alliance that currently has 90 researchers from 25 countries who are working in concert to accelerate scientific knowledge about choroideremia (CHM). The ICRN convened its first meeting in August 2021.

The network is composed of multi-disciplinary vision professionals with varied experiences, backgrounds and interests, who share a passion to improve outcomes for patients with CHM, a rare inherited retinal disease that causes progressive vision loss which may lead to blindness for which there is currently no treatment or cure.

The ICRN established five initial working groups as a core strategy to achieve the network’s goal of accelerating scientific knowledge of CHM. The working groups include:

Industry Collaboration
Members will hear presentations from industry companies that are interested in validating their preclinical agents for CHM with animal or cell models, including CHM patients in upcoming trials, receiving feedback on trial design and enrollment protocols, and identifying PI's or trial site partners.

Pathophysiology/Mechanism of Disease
Members will discuss the root causes of CHM such as mutations, biomarkers, protein expression, phenotyping, phagocytosis, genetics, as well as imaging results, and how identified abnormalities may affect outcomes for CHM patients. Collaborating with other working groups, the intent is to conduct research, publish papers and launch clinical trials.

Therapeutics/Clinical Trials
Members will discuss gene therapy, stem cell therapy, pharmacological therapy, complementary therapy, and optogenetics trials designed to slow or stop progression, or regenerate lost vision in CHM patients. Establishment of endpoints related to trial outcomes will also be discussed. Collaborating with other working groups, the intent is to conduct research, publish papers and launch clinical trials.

International Data Collection
Gathering global natural history and incidence data is critical to gaining a better understanding of CHM, and this group will work to collect data and standardize the information to allow for improved statistical analysis. Review of a proposed CHM Staging document will be included.

Female Carriers
Little is known about females who carry the CHM gene; group participants will discuss imaging results, conduct surveys, and study progression and pathology of women diagnosed with CHM.

Membership in the ICRN is free and open to all interested clinicians and academic researchers that have an interest in CHM. For more information about ICRN or CRF, or to become a network member, please visit


Kathleen Wagner
Choroideremia Research Foundation Inc
+14155968405 ext.
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Therapeutic Solutions International Announces Formation of Allogen Biologics Inc.

Wholly Owned Subsidiary Created for Manufacturing of JadiCell™ and StemVacs™ Clinical Stage Cell Therapeutics

Therapeutic Solutions International, Inc. (OTCMKTS:TSOI)

OCEANSIDE, CA, USA, October 18, 2021 / — Therapeutic Solutions International, Inc., (OTC Markets: TSOI) announced today the formation of Allogen Biologics Inc, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Company.

Last week the Company successfully initiated production of its first pilot batch production of JadiCells ™ under Good Manufacturing Practices in anticipation for uses such as Emergency Use Authorization requests, Right To Try, and our upcoming CTE clinical trial. Allogen Biologics will be led by Dr. Thomas Ichim, currently a board member of Therapeutic Solutions International. Dr. Ichim is an industry veteran with four cleared INDs, over 200 patents and patent applications, and over 120 peer reviewed papers.

Allogen Biologics will house intellectual property and Standard Operating Procedures related to generation of the Company’s existing and anticipated cellular therapeutics.

The JadiCell™ is a universal donor stem cell that has recently been cleared by the FDA to begin Phase III clinical trials of COVID-19. Under the Right to Try Law, companies are permitted to administer and charge for experimental therapeutics if no other treatment options exist. The Company has recently treated a Navy SEAL under this exemption.

“As we advance our cellular therapeutic products, the need for flexibility and manufacturing has become more and more apparent. By controlling our own manufacturing, we believe the Company is in a significantly better position to advance its objectives and reduce costs of production” said Timothy Dixon, President and CEO of Therapeutic Solutions International and Chairman of Allogen Biologics. “Dr. Ichim is one of the most accomplish developers of cellular therapies in regenerative medicine and immunology and we are honored for him to lead Allogen Biologics.”

“Timothy Dixon is a true visionary and innovator” said Dr. Thomas Ichim. “Though his efforts, and the work of his advisors such as Francesco Marincola from Gilead, Santosh Kesari from John Wayne Cancer Center, and Boris Reznik from Venvalo, Timothy Dixon has developed multiple drug candidates and nutraceuticals for a variety of therapeutic indications. I am excited to increase my involvement with Timothy and his world-class team.”

About Therapeutic Solutions International, Inc.
Therapeutic Solutions International is focused on immune modulation for the treatment of several specific diseases. The Company's corporate website is, and our public forum is

Timothy Dixon
Therapeutic Solutions International, Inc.
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Now Available— Swamplands: Tundra Beavers, Quaking Bogs, and the Improbable World of Peat

Swamplands Cover

Swamplands Cover

Island Press logo

Island Press Logo

An urgent call to understand the importance and beauty of peatlands.

A powerful, impressive feat of popular science that is vitally needed in an era of climate change.”

— Library Journal

WASHINGTON, DC, UNITED STATES, October 18, 2021 / — For more than a thousand years, peatlands – including bogs and fens, and to a lesser extent swamps and marshes — were considered to be dismal, unhealthy “wastelands” that were a source of disease and the haunt of evil spirits such as corpse candles and will-o-wisps.

Peat is partially decomposed plant material that builds up over centuries in swampy, waterlogged conditions. Representing just three percent of the earth’s landscape, peatlands can store four times more carbon than the Amazon rainforest and twice as much as all of the world’s forests. They play an outsized role in regulating climate, filtering water, mitigating floods, drought, and wildfire, and providing refuge for new and critically endangered species such as the Bornean orangutan, the re-introduced red wolf, and the Red-cockaded Woodpecker.

In "Swamplands: Tundra Beavers, Quaking Bogs, and the Improbable World of Peat," writer Edward Struzik highlights the struggle waged by scientists, conservationists, and landowners to protect these vital ecosystems against the many threats they face, including urbanization, mining, and resource developments, as well as climate change and runaway wildfires.

Struzik visits with scientists and indigenous people, exploring the haunting past of the Great Dismal Swamp in Virginia and North Carolina, and the windswept, tropical bogs in Kauai, Hawaii, where biologists engage in “extreme botany” to help save some of the world’s rarest plants from extinction. In the Mojave Desert, one of the hottest, driest places in the world, he explores the last remnants of an ancient peatland where critically endangered fish live and fossil water takes up to 15,000 years to seep into the ecosystem. And in the Canadian wilderness, he searches for rattlesnakes and polar bears that den in peat, and butterflies and moths that were once thought to be extinct.

These critically important peatlands are still being systematically drained and degraded by oilsands, mines, farms, and hydroelectric projects as well as for the electric power that peat can produce. As a warming climate thaws frozen peatlands, the carbon held in the permafrost will contribute to climate change rather than mitigate it. While conserving existing peatlands is the most effective method to protect them, scientists have proven that in many cases successful, inexpensive solutions to restoring peatlands exist, from growing peat to reintroducing beavers to help restore swamplands.

An ode to peaty landscapes in all their offbeat glory, "Swamplands" delivers an urgent call to understand the importance and beauty of these so-called 'wastelands.' Our planet’s survival might depend on it.

Edward Struzik has been writing about scientific and environmental issues for more than 30 years. A fellow at the Institute for Energy and Environmental Policy at Queen’s University in Kingston, Canada, his numerous accolades include the prestigious Atkinson Fellowship in Public Policy and the Sir Sandford Fleming Medal, awarded for outstanding contributions to the understanding of science. His books include Future Arctic, Arctic Icons, The Big Thaw, Northwest Passage, and Firestorm. He is an active speaker and lecturer, and his work as a regular contributor to Yale Environment 360 covers topics such as the effects of climate change and fossil fuel extraction on northern ecosystems and their inhabitants.

Founded in 1984, Island Press works to stimulate, shape, and communicate the information that is essential for solving environmental problems. Today, with more than 1,000 titles in print and some 30 new releases each year, it is the nation’s leading publisher of books on environmental issues. Island Press is driving change by moving ideas from the printed page to public discourse and practice. Island Press’s emphasis is, and will continue to be, on transforming objective information into understanding and action. For more information and further updates be sure to visit

Jaime Jennings
Island Press
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Congresswoman Nancy Mace: A Tireless Champion for Animal Welfare

Rep. Nancy Mace and Pup on Capitol Hill

Rep. Nancy Mace and Pup on Capitol Hill

Animal Wellness Action Executive Director Marty Irby

Animal Wellness Action Executive Director Marty Irby

Since elected to the U.S. House Mace has become one of the leading Republican voices for the voiceless we care so deeply about

Her staff is second to none, and like Nancy Mace, they've gone above and beyond the call of duty to help animals and help the great people of the First District who wisely elected her to Congress.”

— Marty Irby, executive director at Animal Wellness Action

CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA, USA, October 18, 2021 / — By Marty Irby, Animal Wellness Action

When the 116th Congress ended, there were only two Republicans standing with a perfect score on animal protection issues – Reps. Brian Fitzpatrick, R-Pa., and Peter King, R-N.Y. And with King's retirement I was a bit concerned that there would be a tremendous void left in the House of Representatives.

But after meeting Rep. Nancy Mace, R-Charleston, just days after her election to Congress, my concerns about that void were alleviated. Nancy expressed her deep inner passion for the voiceless, something we both care so deeply about, and she's stepped up in a big way – a commitment we've not seen from any other Republican freshman in many years.

Nancy Mace is leading on two brand new federal animal protection bills backed by Animal Wellness Action, the Animal Wellness Foundation, and the Center for a Humane Economy. She joined together with one of the most powerful Democrats in Congress – Rep. Rosa DeLauro, chair of the House Committee on Appropriations – in introducing the Mink in Narrowly Kept Spaces are Superspreaders Act (MINKS Act), that would phase out mink production in the U.S., as the species has been deemed by scientists and doctors as the number one species most susceptible to COVID—19.

A massive worldwide SARS-CoV-2 epidemic in farmed mink parallels the human COVID-19 pandemic with outbreaks on at least 450 farms in 12 countries across Europe and North America, spawning three new variants that have infected thousands of people. In the U.S. nearly one-third of mink farms have had outbreaks, and mink farms spawned a variant in Michigan.

With gross revenues dropping from $291 million in 2012 to $59 million in 2019 (before the virus) — and total annual production at 2.7 million minks — the U.S. mink industry does not bring substantial economic benefits that warrant these risks to human health concerns. Because Americans and Europeans buy so little mink these days, U.S. producers sell their pelts to China, meaning that U.S. communities face the threat of viral transmission to produce a luxury product for a tiny sliver of the Chinese population.

And while working both sides of the aisle, Mace joined Rep. Vern Buchanan, R-Fla., and Elaine Luria, D-Va., in introducing the FDA Modernization Act, that would eliminate a Depression-era requirement for animal testing for all new drug development protocols and allow for alternative methods when validated. The legislation further seeks to spur innovation and open the door to the use of New Approach Methodologies (NAMs) with the goal of improving the science that is the basis for public health protection.

Rep. Mace, joined by Nevada Democrat, Rep. Dina Titus, also introduced the Opportunities for Fairness in Farming (OFF) Act, that would create a system of checks and balances, transparency, and accountability in the USDA's Commodity Checkoff programs that have been ridden with scandal after scandal. These checkoff programs funnel the hard-earned tax dollars of family farmers who adhere to more humane and sustainable animal husbandry practices to slush funds that are used to illegally lobby for policies that harm animals and put farmers out of business while lining the pockets of multi-national corporations and monopolies like JBS, Smithfield, and Cargill.

Nancy Mace has cosponsored every single animal protection bill that stands a chance of passing this Congress: the Big Cat Public Safety Act, that would bar private citizens from keeping dangerous carnivores like lions and tigers in our communities; the Bear Protection Act to combat poaching of bears for their gall bladders; the Greyhound Protection Act; the PREPARED Act that would help both animals and pet owners in times of crisis like Hurricane Florence that brought widespread flooding to the Palmetto State in 2018; the Animal Cruelty Enforcement (ACE) Act; the Shark Fin Sales Elimination Act; and legislation to stop the slaughter of American equines for human consumption.

Mace also joined 56 bipartisan Representatives in letter calling for the CDC to lift its ban on canine imports from 113 countries – a new policy that's caused dogs rescued from the dog meat trade in China to die, and left our military heroes and diplomats separated from their pets at the hands of the federal government.

And after meeting Mace's district staff in Charleston last week, it's no surprise that she's accomplished so much in such a very short time. Her staff is second to none, and like Nancy Mace, they've gone above and beyond the call of duty to help animals and help the great people of the First District who wisely elected her to Congress.

Marty Irby is the executive director at Animal Wellness Action in Washington, D.C., and a former 8-time World Champion equestrian who was honored in 2020 by Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth, II, for his work to protect animals. Follow him on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook @MartyIrby

Marty Irby
Animal Wellness Action
+1 202-821-5686
email us here

Marty Irby discusses animal protection with U.S. Rep. Nancy Mace in Charleston, South Carolina in October of 2021

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MedChi wants Maryland physicians to have the critical information needed regarding monoclonal antibodies (mAb), a critical tool in the battle against COVID-19.

MedChi strongly urges physicians to proactively use this effective, critical treatment, and greatly appreciates the role you are playing in Maryland’s fight against COVID-19.”

— MedChi CEO, Gene Ransom

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND, UNITED STATES, October 18, 2021 / — MedChi, The Maryland State Medical Society, supporting the Maryland Department of Health, wants to ensure that Maryland physicians have the critical information needed regarding monoclonal antibodies (mAb) and that they are proactively providing this treatment to individuals with or exposed to COVID-19.

Monoclonal antibodies are a critical tool in the battle against COVID-19 and are effective against variants, including the highly contagious Delta variant. Currently, the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has authorized three mAb products under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA):

1. Bamlanivimab and Etesevimab: an Intravenous Infusion to treat mild to moderate COVID-19 infection in individuals who are at high risk for progressing to severe COVID-19 or as post-exposure prophylaxis for unvaccinated or immunocompromised individuals who are high risk for progression to severe COVID-19;

2. REGEN-COV Casirivimab and Imdevimab: an Intravenous Infusion or Subcutaneous Injection to treat mild to moderate COVID-19 infection in individuals who are at high risk for progressing to severe COVID-19 or as post-exposure prophylaxis for unvaccinated or immunocompromised individuals who are high risk for progression to severe COVID-19; and

3. Sotrovimab1: an Intravenous Infusion to treat mild to moderate COVID-19 infection in individuals who are at high risk for progressing to severe COVID-19

Maryland currently has sufficient quantities of mAb at no cost to practitioners and patients. MedChi strongly encourages physicians to offer these critical mAb to patients upon request or prescribe them accordingly. If you are not a mAb provider and are interested in becoming one, reach out to There are 80 facilities across Maryland that are authorized to provide mAb in an outpatient setting. To refer a patient, please use the CRISP platform eReferral Tool or the Maryland Department of Health (MDH) Maryland Referral Form. MDH also has a variety of Provider Resources related to mAb for further information. MedChi CEO, Gene Ransom, states, “MedChi strongly urges physicians to proactively use this effective, critical treatment, and greatly appreciates the role you are playing in Maryland’s fight against COVID-19.”

About MedChi
MedChi, The Maryland State Medical Society, is a non-profit membership association of Maryland physicians. It is the largest physician organization in Maryland. The mission of MedChi is to serve as Maryland's foremost advocate and resource for physicians, their patients, and the public health of Maryland. For more information, please visit

Gene Ransom
MedChi, The Maryland State Medical Society
email us here
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We Level Up Treatment Center Proudly Supports Red Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon Week - United We Can Overcome Addiction

Red Ribbon Week aims to make sure our children can grow up #livingdrugfree.

Red Ribbon Week - We Level Up combats drug addiction announced the 2021 National Red Ribbon Week Theme, ”Drug Free Looks Like Me”.

Red Ribbon Week - Drug Treatment at We Level Up

We Level Up Addiction Treatment joins the Red Ribbon Week to fight substance abuse.

Red Ribbon Week - Professional Drug Treatment

Red Ribbon Week encourages everyone to seek professional help to battle addiction. Do you or someone you care about need assistance? Talk to our counselors about what treatment options are available out there.

Supporting Red Ribbon Week, We Level Up Treatment Center is committed to a science-based treatment process that applies treatment to the individual as a whole.

Reflecting on Red Ribbon Week, We Level Up is keenly aware of how challenging the battle against illicit drug use is. Addressing the drug crisis requires organizations that deliver quality care.”

— – Ryan Zofay, Founder of the We Level Up series.

WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, October 18, 2021 / — Red Ribbon Week is the nation's oldest and biggest drug prevention awareness program.

Red Ribbon Week commenced after the death of Drug Enforcement Administration Special Agent Enrique "Kiki" Camarena, who in 1985 was cruelly murdered by drug traffickers he was investigating in Mexico.

Following his death, people began wearing red ribbons to honor Kiki's sacrifice. Now, millions of people observe Red Ribbon Week by wearing red ribbons, engaging in community anti-drug events, and pledging to live drug-free lives. The National Family Partnership created national Red Ribbon Week in 1988. NFP continues to organize the campaign for families, schools, and communities across the nation each year. [1]

In many areas, the celebration has turned into a variation of activities implemented during October. These activities show the importance of making healthy and wise decisions throughout life to achieve your dreams and goals.

As the longest-lasting and most widespread drug awareness program, Red Ribbon Week unites children and adults in an evident stand against drug use. The purpose is to keep children drug-free, first and foremost, and declare a commitment to abstain from drug use.

Wearing a red ribbon signifies the commitment to live drug-free and honors those who sacrificed their lives combating drugs and drug use. As the backbone of Red Ribbon Week, the National Family Partnership promotes awareness, acts as an advocate, and provides resources to those in need.

Addressing Illicit Drug Challenges

"Reflecting on Red Ribbon Week, We Level Up is keenly aware of how challenging the battle against illicit drug use is. Addressing the drug crisis requires organizations that deliver quality care." – Ryan Zofay, Founder of the We Level Up series.

The inflictions from drug abuse, drug trafficking, and associated violence do not stop at national borders. Thus, the balanced approach focuses on public health, particularly the need to utilize advances in preventing and treating drug abuse and reforming criminal justice policies to reflect today's challenges.

The manufacturers of these substances have presented an ability to modify their chemical composition to skirt existing drug laws. As a result, putting them on the market quicker than domestic legislation or international control measures can impose restrictions on them. To counter this, the U.S. and partners worldwide are increasing international institutions that pursue the trading of these drugs and provide warnings so countries can assemble their public health and law enforcement agencies to counter the problem.

Facing the challenges posed by illegal drugs needs partnerships by various participants: NGOs, the education sector, public health institutions, law enforcement agencies, and local associations. These partnerships are meant to limit the harmful consequences of international narcotics trafficking. [2]

Drug Prevention And Treatment

The overwhelming outgrowths of drug use know no geographic, economic, social, or ethnic borders. Each year hundreds of thousands of people around the globe – wealthy, poor, professional, illiterate, educated, male, female, and even adolescent and young kids – die from substance use disorders, and many are victims of drug-fueled violence. Beyond the damages drugs take on health and welfare, substance use disorders threaten economic development, depreciate social and political stability, and reduce security in countries and regions worldwide.

Resolutions include drug prevention and drug treatment services that have had an enormous impact and saved countless lives.

The elimination of prohibited crops continues as a crucial tool for decreasing the reproduction of illicit drugs and preventing them from entering the U.S. or other drug markets. [3]

Drug interdiction or stopping illicit drugs from reaching their destination is vital in stemming the flow of illegal narcotics and countering the adverse effects of organized criminal groups.

How To Avoid Drug Use

No matter your past or current circumstances, it is possible to avoid slipping into the dangers of addiction. The keys lie in keeping yourself happy and healthy while you are drug-free.

Explore new ways to handle stress and overwhelming emotion: Drugs and alcohol are one way to escape the difficulties; intoxication provides a stupor that pushes them out of view. Though running away from our feelings seems OK, we cannot flee from them forever; they will always return after the intoxication disappears. We need to improve ways to release and process our feelings in a way that works.

Build A Lifestyle That Brings You Joy And Comfort: Re-orient yourself; if you find yourself concentrating on shame, self-loathing, hatred of those around you, or hatred of your circumstances, do whatever it takes to shift that focus. Be conscious that thoughts are thoughts and that they can be stopped and reconstructed. Endeavor to find your strengths and good qualities. Possibly you are funny, and your friends appreciate you for that. Maybe you are intelligent, resourceful, supportive, and loving. We don't know your strengths, but you do! Focus on them, bring them out, and let them glow over what you see as your flaws. With time, maybe those shortcomings that seem so awful to you today will fade away, and you won't even remember them.

Seek Therapy: Sometimes, it isn't easy to do so without supportive and qualified help, and therefore we thoroughly advise you to seek therapy. A proficient therapist will help you work through your traumas and current mental illnesses so that you can slacken the grip they hold on you. There is no shame in getting psychological treatment; you may be astonished to find that many of your peers have done so too. It does not indicate that you are 'crazy' or 'broken'; it means empowering yourself to be a healthier person.

Risk Factors To Substance Use

Risk factors can affect drug abuse in several ways. The more risks a child is exposed to, the more apparent the child will abuse drugs. Some risk factors may be more compelling than others at certain stages in development, such as peer pressure during the teenage years, just as some protective factors, such as a strong parent-child bond, can significantly diminish risks during the early years. An essential goal of prevention is to change the balance between risk and protective factors so that protective factors outrun risk factors.

Risk and protective factors can influence children at different stages of their lives. At each stage, risks happen that can be changed through prevention intervention. For instance, early childhood risks, such as destructive behavior, can be altered or prevented with family, school, and community interventions that center on helping children develop proper positive behaviors. Conversely, if not addressed, negative behaviors can lead to more risks, such as academic failure and social difficulties, putting children at additional risk for later drug abuse.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the table below represents how risk and protective factors affect people in five domains or settings where interventions can happen. [4]

Join The Red Ribbon Week And The Fight Against Substance Use

At We Level Up Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center, we instill hope in our clients and help addicts get passionate about life in sobriety. Our detox and rehabilitation professionals and care staff understand the struggles that co-occur with addiction and the issues that devise the need for drug use. We are here to help you get to the root of where the addiction began and can work with you to establish a new foundation of sobriety.

For inpatient or outpatient detox and rehabilitation options, contact We Level Up today. We are here for you.

About We Level Up Treatment Centers

We Level Up is a renowned treatment center that applies evidence-based treatment modalities and holistic programs to improve client recovery outcomes—combining traditional elements of SUD treatment, including supervised medical recovery coupled with intensive behavioral rehab.

Offering cutting-edge advanced therapies, We Level Up is an accredited dual diagnosis mental health care provider. Fully integrating co-occurring conditions into our programs. Most importantly, our top-notch doctors, therapists, and counselors leverage the power of science to help clients succeed in rehab recovery.

We provide best-in-class treatment in multiple locations, with amenities and activities designed to reinforce recovery success metrics. In addition, each client receives lifetime alumni support post inpatient treatment along with family resources to help maintain recovery momentum, even once they depart our treatment facilities.

Above all, our vision is to help create legions of self-empowered individuals who are entirely in control of their lives and destinies, enabling them to get what they desire from this life, experiencing it to their fullest, most liberating potential.

Through these hosts of self-empowered and self-aware individuals, we will see families that communicate with more love, trust, and caring for one another, businesses that thrive in ways never thought possible, and friendships that reach new heights.

Who Is Ryan Zofay?

In 2019 he founded the Level Up Development Series. Level Up is a unique development program that provides attendees with the tools and knowledge to eliminate limiting thoughts from their lives and to reach their full potential. As Ryan Zofay explains in his February 2020 Sober Nation podcast interview, he invests in the people who he hires because with a strong team, together, they can make a difference.

Ryan Zofay is most passionate about sharing his practical lessons that change lives. As a successful entrepreneur and motivational speaker, he teaches development strategies that improve performance, connection, and overall mindset.

Using the teachings of his successes and tribulations, Ryan has a unique ability to facilitate significant change for individuals and organizations. In addition, Ryan's passion and enthusiasm readily spill over to his listeners.

Moreover, his life accounts, incredible comeback journies, along with the wisdom he developed, help formulate instructions on how to realize your goals. Visit the Ryan Zofay Events page for further details.

If you consider addiction treatment for you or someone you love, We Level Up can help. Don't hesitate to contact us today for a confidential consultation with a member of our intake team and more information regarding Red Ribbon Week.

[1] RED RIBBON WEEK OCT. 23-31 – Drug Enforcement Administration
[2] Addressing Illicit Drug Challenges – U.S. Department of State
[3] Eradication and Interdiction – U.S. Department of State
[4] What are risk factors and protective factors? – National Institute On Drug Abuse

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We Level Up Mental Health Treatment Center Celebrates and Supports Red Ribbon Week

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The Mountain Peaks Team Offers Top Quality Care

The Mountain Peaks Family Practice medical team

The medical professionals at Mountain Peaks Family Practice pride themselves on providing individuals and families with the best care available.

My team and I work together to treat a wide variety of health problems, and when a diagnosis requires more than we can offer, we refer our patients to trusted specialists for their specific needs.”

— Dr. Rob Durrans, lead physician at Mountain Peaks Family Practice

OREM, UTAH, UNITED STATES, October 18, 2021 / — The medical professionals at Mountain Peaks Family Practice pride themselves on providing individuals and families with the best care available, no matter what the situation may be. Their skilled team of professionals focuses on a variety of concerns from sports medicine, to women’s health, and even mental health concerns. Practitioners at Mountain Peaks understand the importance of professional training in assisting with healthcare needs.

“My team and I work together to treat a wide variety of health problems,” said Dr. Durrans, founding physician at Mountain Peaks. “And when a diagnosis requires more than we can offer, we refer our patients to trusted specialists for their specific needs. We’re known for family care—from children to adults—along with the surgical services, acute care, and chronic care you may need. Our staff takes pride in knowing you and what you need now and in the future."

Here is a quick introduction to each member of the Mountain Peaks team and his/her respective areas of focus:

– Dr. Robert Durrans, MD – Sports Medicine, Adult Medicine, Wellness Care, and Mental Health.
– Lisa Hall, Nurse Practitioner – Women’s health, neurology, and mood disorders and working with patients over the long term to reach their health goals.
– Chelsea Marshall, Physician’s Assistant – Dermatology, abdominal pain, gallbladders, hernias, and all things related to bowel, Women’s Health, and Pediatric patients.

"We have been servicing Utah Valley patients for many years," said Dr. Durrans. "Since our beginnings, we have grown to be an amazing family practice today. We understand the importance of having a team of professionally trained doctors to care for you and your family. Between us, we have decades of combined experience."

If needed, the professionals at Mountain Peaks will work with a patient's insurance plan and refer them out to contracted facilities and providers so that charges will be processed in network. This includes tests, lab work, physical therapy, occupational therapy, specialists, surgical services, or anything else that may be needed. As always, they encourage patients to contact their insurance company to find out about deductibles or co-pays before tests or lab work is done.

About Mountain Peaks Family Practice
Mountain Peaks Family Practice has been servicing Utah Valley patients for many years. Since our beginnings, we have grown to be an amazing family practice today. We offer a variety of services to ensure that you and your family are properly cared for. Our services span all ages and a wide range of medical needs. We are the simple solution for families.

We understand the importance of having a team of professionally trained doctors, nurses, and staff to care for you and your family. Learn more about our personable and professional team members who look forward to assisting you with all of your healthcare needs. Next time you're in need of medical help, or even just a yearly physical, stop by our office at 501 East 770 North, Orem, UT or give us a call 801-724-9840.

To find out more about the services we offer and the doctors on staff, please visit


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ID Quantique unveils the Cerberis XGR QKD Platform

Cerberis XGR QKD platform

ID Quantique unveils the Cerberis XGR, its 4th generation of Quantum Key Distribution platform designed for Academia, Research institutes and Innovation labs.

The study of QKD has acquired a new sense of urgency: it is simply not possible to wait until the arrival of quantum computers to design and test suitable cryptographic methods.”

— Grégoire Ribordy, CEO and co-founder of ID Quantique

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND, October 18, 2021 / — ID Quantique (IDQ), the world leader in quantum cybersecurity, today launched the Cerberis XGR, an open QKD platform designed as a versatile research tool for academic and technology evaluation labs wanting to test the technology, run QKD testbeds or build a quantum lab.

Safety of current encryption methods, and especially of the key exchange mechanisms based on asymmetric cryptography, is a major concern today particularly for governments and enterprises which must protect data for five to ten years or more. Possible back-doors in current systems combined with massive computing power already put high-value sensitive data at risk of being decrypted by malevolent actors. Moreover, the arrival of quantum computers will render asymmetric key exchanges unsafe: encrypted data can be stored now and easily decrypted later.

Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) enables unbreakable communications and future-proof data privacy. It is the only known cryptographic technique which provides proven secrecy of encryption keys, as well as long-term data confidentiality and integrity. ID Quantique has been helping companies to get started with Quantum Cyber Security for 20 years. Since 2007, it has commercialized QKD systems to governments, enterprises, and industrial customers in more than 60 countries and on every continent.

Recently, IDQ launched its 4th generation of QKD Systems, the XG series. The Cerberis XGR is the second model in the series.

This open QKD platform is designed for academia, research institutes and innovation labs wanting to evaluate and test the technology.

Users can experiment different parameter set-up and configurations, in both automated and manual modes. Its user-friendly interface and comprehensive software suite with full real-time monitoring and management system enables to easily familiarize oneself with this technology and gain knowledge.

ID Quantique also offers on-demand services such as tailored training, product customization or quantum risk assessment to best fit its users’ needs.

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